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Mr. 1 & Mr. 2


Mr. 1 & Mr. 2 Lyrics

I'm gonna tell a story so sit back as i depict it
And let me paint a picture, a predicament inflicted
Mainly cuz of the youths today in the system that we live in
The big fish eat the little bitch and thats just how the shit is
Imagine it was two dudes, let's not be too descriptive
We'll call em one and two and say they're not really too different
They're both around the same strength although 1 has got a smith 'n
And with the upper hand 1 takes advantage of the clip 'n
Span it by the handle and then banged him in his lip
But his hand didn't keep a grip
And it span out of his wrist
And now its sliding on the floor and they're both scrambling for it
And 2 gets to the tool before 1 could get a grip
Now the tables have been flipped and Mr 1 becomes the bitch
And 2 don't know what to do cuz Mr 1 has got a clique
Mr 2 ain't got a crew cuz Mr 1 had them all wigged
So in a way hes looking for revenge but
He know if he puts a bullet in his temple there'll be trouble in the end
And it'll come round at him ten fold
He'll probably be covered in bullet holes before he gets home
And if he doesn't 1 will still be hunting for his head so
f*ck, he pulls the trigger twice to be certain that hes dead
(Certain that hes dead)
And now hes tryna sneak discreetly off the scene
To lay low at his friends gaff while police collect the leads
Lets say his friends called A cuz Mr 3's a real geez plus i kinda like his eyes pops in copyrightingness of me
I'm sorry please, pay attention to the scene
Cuz Mr A was down with 1 because he used to sell him weed
And he felt like they was friends because he gave him better deals
And Mr 2 came around to tell A the situation
Cuz A had been his boy since day and he'd never betray him
But when your laying up with snakes you can't be sure you won't get ate
Mr A got on the dog and bone almost straight away and
Told Mr 1's boys about the situation
And 2's participation in todays occasions and it almost sounded like he had his own infatuation in a fascinating way that led to 1's decapitation
Ain't happy bout the fact hes at his gaff and they ain't blazed him
Giving A the choice if he caps 2 then it'll save him
But lucky Mr 2 had overheard the conversation
And managed to escape through the back of Mr A's as they went to grab his gat to try and blast two in his face
Backstabbing bastard Mr A
Now he started seeing how dramatically things change and how people turn against you in this savage game were playing
Now Mr 2 can make a move and damage them the same
Or sit and wait for 1's boys to catch him with a blade
When hes sat up at his place tryna relax and getting laid
So he knows the only way is to attack him at the base
Bring the walls around and down and leave him where he lays
So now his on his toes again, running down the road again
The gun is in his holster with three bullets and its loaded
And hes looking for a motor, and notices this oldish looking beat-up two-door rover, and sees it pulling over
He runs up pulls his gun up points the heat straight at the owner
Says shut up don't look shock up make a scene and its all over
Gimme the keys and get the f*ck up out your seat i told ya
Don't make me say it twice, take your head clean off your shoulders
Then he drags him out the drivers seat
Mr 2 jumps in the car before the guy has time to speak
Flyin at the highest speed, driving like a violent teen
Turns right and realises someones crying quietly
He thought of what it mighta been
Hoped he wasn't right and leaned over to the side and sees a little girl behind the seat
Frightened for her life she seemed
Inside her eyes he sees the fer get her, sheer terror
Hope is on my fright to scream (unclear)
Hair piercing high until its stifled by a simon's beam
He sees light behind him, looks back up to find police have blocked up the entire street
Swerves right to try and squeeze through the gap, the tires screech
Car collides, flips on its side and slides around like ninety feet
Windows smashing, sparks are flying in his eyes, tryna see, panicking no time to breathe
They crash through the barrier and wind up lying by a tree
The cars flipped onto its roof and wanted to ? lie beneath
Its silent for a second
He realised the crying ceased
With a broken arm undoes his belt to turn around and try and see
He falls and his the ground hard, hand painin, kinda weak
The cars filled with smoke and he can only see a tiny feet
Hes tryna blindly reach into the back to find her seat
Undoes the buckle to her belt and she falls out, her sinus bleeds
Shes still unconscious from the crash
He scrambles out the car with her and onto shattered glass
Police has got they're guns drawn, they wait till he reacts
He checks to find a pulse and pumps the chest to gain it back
The car explodes, he dives and its to save her from the blast
His ears are ringing visions blurred, he tries to make a dash
He stumbles to his feet, police seem to aim their straps and simultaneously fire bullet clean into his back

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Songwriter(s): Michael Murray
Record Label(s): 2016 PROSE, under exclusive license to Virgin EMI Records, a division of Universal Music Operations Ltd
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