If You Ain't From My Hood Lyrics

(feat. DJ Paul & Juicy "J")

If you ain't from my hood you can get from round here [X4]

I don't know them niggas [X2]
I don't f**k with them niggas
I don't know them hoes
I don't f**k with them hoes

[Project Pat]
I know this sucka from the suburbs
Cool with this other motherf**ker on the outskirts
Tried to get Project Pat caught up in this shizurb
Since you niggaz hate then your plan didn't wizork
On that ATL tattle tale to my bizurbs
Say you saw me with anotha gal now don't be scared
Man you might as well throw in your towel youse a fake thug
Face to face I shoot you in your mouth
Cuz ain't no love say you from the north memphis ten but I doubt that
Stick ya'lls noze in others folks affairs we ain't bout that
Weak motherf**ker wanna stare when you see me
Couldn't wait to snitch punk
Bitch you wanna be me
Gotta pay some dues but my shoes to big for ya
Don't be out here trying to claim my hood I don't know ya
Turn state niggas ask if you was a roller
Police ass nigga watch your mouth I done told ya
Weak ass boy


Still out to get paid down for lucha leray
f**k all the bullshit and he say she say
Those who oppose me shall get no leway
Lying on real niggas end up in gun play
Punk mutherf**ker you gonna hear this and feel me
Smile in my face really wanna kill me
Thats if you had heart to pull the trigga
Catcha murda charge I don't think so my nigga
Weak ass hoes play games like they killas
Always runnin mouth braggin on they niggas
Cyper Gardens did and I did not have no dough
No fresh clothes cuz a playa was real poor
I was locked up 2-0-1 wearing bo bo's
Playin dominos shooting dice big ol afros
Now I'm on the town and I'm layin the smack down
Nigga I ain't you best to check my background


[DJ Paul]
Man I'm tired of playing with cha boyz
Think its time I kill you boyz
Wanna run and grab them toys
f**kin round with real McCoys
Coward boys that bring the noise
Rollin' round in SUV's, DVD's
Man f**k some 20's I'm lo key
Lookin for y'all cowards cuz y'all talking out the side of your mouth
Knowin that the Triple 6 is one of the hardest rappers out
DJ Paul and Juicy J, best producers in the town
I've been got the crown those that ain't down get run down

[Juicy J]
Man if one of you bitches wanna step up to the juice
Talking bout that nigga wrong talkin bout what cha gonna do
Man its on if you rappers wanna bring it to the door
To you crosses in my click i'm treat you like a hoe
I'm a tell you like this if you talkin in my face
You gonna start a major war be prepared to hit the floor
Everytime you see me coming you be speakin like we cool
Ain't your motherf**king nigga and ain't no motherf**king fool

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Songwriter(s): Patrick Houston, Jordan Houston, Paul D. Beauregard
Record Label(s): 2001 Hypnotize Minds Productions
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