No Occasion Needed Lyrics

I told my city I'll make 'em proud
I told my momma not to cry, cause I can drain it out
And I'm just panning out these views from this
Hollywood lifestyle that many seem to lose, but
I'm only here cause God brought me
In a situation where God got me,
Between a dream catching and reality
Or is that a god for me?

They see me on these networks, bad bitch giving network
Yeah, I know my networks, so ain't sign until these checks hurt
Their feelings, cause I'm more touching myself
More touch with that intellect,
We don't give a f**k, so we must intercept
The game, watch the fame come and go!
Money, hoes, cars and clothes
Yeah, you want it, go get it!
Cause my mind got no limits
And my time ain't just ticking!
It's kinda down to a classic,
I bet they said it won't happen,
Watch me put em in the caskets
I'm like no occasion needed (occasion needed, occasion needed)

I'm like no occasion needed (occasion needed, occasion needed)
Yeah, I'm like no occasion needed (occasion needed, occasion needed)
I'm like no occasion needed (occasion needed, occasion needed)
So go ahead and pull up, pull up, pull up

And I ain't happy with my situation
Yeah, I'm thankful for my blessing, but I lose the patience
Patience of my mind and I lose time
Cause my mind over matter has some time apart (time apart)!
And people grow where the time goes, time goes
And no subliminals are just in my life flow.
And where were they? Nowhere to be found
And yo, I'm lost in this world, just like I'm lost in this town!
Look! I went to that city, no word to my name
And yeah, we built that thing,
But the shit ain't the same (the shit ain't the same)!
And I ain't mad at you, boy, I ain't mad at you!
Cause we're family forever, we'll let the time catch up!
I worked too hard to be feeling this pain (to be feeling this pain)
And if it's my time, then I am missing this train!
All aboard? Yeah, we're all aboard?
Cause I ain't waiting for no one,
And I ain't feeling no boards (I ain't feeling no boards)!
Cause momma told we were born alone
So when I die, don't cry, just know that I'm home!
And pops told me that we born alone
So when I die, don't cry!
I'm having visions of home.
(No occasion needed, occasion needed
So go ahead and pull up!)

Yeah I'm like no occasion needed, ah, ah
Pull up! Just pull up!

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