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Prezi X Mozzy
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Prezi X Mozzy Lyrics

[Verse 1: Prezi]
Separate the boys from the men, nigga I be goin' in
f*ck tyin' up the score nigga, I be tryna win
Say my prayers every night nigga, I ain't tryna sin
Let a f*ck nigga play with me, that's shots to his chin
Now they label me a monster, robbin' sons like Oscar
Poppin' up at your concert, you gon' need you a doctor
Nigga thought it was a dream, f*ck nah, nigga wake it up
Big shots move the concrete, I guess I had to shake it up
Machine count the money, nigga tired of the paper cuts
Hollows ripped up his spleen, I guess he had them paper guts
Ain't no time for the games, give a f*ck about no fame
You bleed like I bleed, give a f*ck about your name
Fifty shots up out this hand thing, give a f*ck about no aim
Left his thoughts up on the pavement, give a f*ck about your brain
If you know me then you owe me, I don't trust shit be phony
I used to trust in my forty 'til it jammed up on me
But I still keep that lead cocked, big shots when the leg pop
Shampoo and conditioner, wash your soul up out my dreadlocks
I play the block, you play the bench, squeezin' 'til I empty clips
Them suckers was hidin', we done took so many empty trips
Patrolling the block, I done did so many different shifts
Ain't new to this game, I done seen so much different shit
Seen niggas bang the turf, seen niggas put in work
From the sound of gunfire, I seen niggas ride the hearse
When shit got spooky I seen niggas go to church
Popes is offering jobs, I seen niggas go to work
Still ridin' up on four wheels, checkin' dough out the ho still
You niggas want beef, I swear that shit instant like oatmeal
That's why I grind harder, cut like a barber
Flip a nigga like a pancake, just add water
Ain't nobody gon' grind for me, nobody countin' my money
Daughter say daddy be careful, tell her I'ma try honey
Somethin' was to happen to me, who would really slide for me?
That's why I keep the hammer on me, let a nigga try somethin'
I say let a nigga try somethin'
Yeah, let a nigga try somethin'

[Verse 2: Mozzy]
Four fingers stupid, eight beverages polluted
You ain't 'bout a bag, you foolish, I get gouda, big mulah
Free my brother Tooga for the shooter, noodle spillage
He gon' get it done with no influence, bitch I'm smoothie
Dooters rocked Gucci on top of Gucci, blood Boosie
You bitches too bad to f*ck with a goofy
Fell off the doobie, heavily f*ck with the drug abuse
Renegades callin' my phone to f*ckin' do
Money on the wood good, got a pocket full of blue
Back door, little jokes, and the folks coming new
Shout bust down Benny for them peezy runnin' through
On my daughter I just got letter from the shoe
Bitches be in love, G-O-D, that's nothin' new
Cuttin' down quays on the days we was cuttin' school
Hah, that cutter kinda cool 'cause it's compact
Knock on them niggas, keep knockin', them niggas knock back
Ayy where the rock at? I need it like for real for real
Fake surrogate, you kill for real, we in the field for real
These niggas steal to spill, I hear 'em talkin' like me
They say killers move in silence, we be walkin' lightly
Hand 'em indictments, my brother fightin', done wore him out
Sold dope at the yellow store before they tore it down
Nigga chain game slimy, I be showin' out
If you ain't suckin' dick bitch close your mouth
On behalf of the gang members I hold it down
You unfamiliar with murder then I can show you how
Hundred thou on top of hundred thou, bust it down
I wanna see my people eatin', that's my only vow

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Songwriter(s): Mozzy, Prezi
Record Label(s): 2018 Success Label EMPIRE
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