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Su Real
Potter Payper
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Su Real Lyrics

Just know I'm never slipping, you tripping, you think I'm losing?
You must have forgotten about all that late night cruising
I don't wanna take you back to all the 'abbings and the 'ootings
Kitties in the front room banging up and booting
It's a cold world, I live it like I love it, call me Putin
Vladimir, can't lie I'm glad I'm here
Cause I done lost a bag of pears and I'm fuming
Shit I go crazy, I go ham and I go stupid
Still I know a reptile when I see one, I ain't stupid
Man I kissed that snake like Jesus kissed Judas
Kill 'em with success, I've got 'em stressed, man I'm a nuisance
Real life shit, they bagged my dawgy up in Luton
Man this lifestyle's gruŠµsome
Terrible likŠµ twosome, Young Offenders Institution
YOI, why oh why? Oh cause I sold white
Now I'm sitting in a cell watching time go by
Thinking I ain't ever tryna go back but I might
Cah this is how I'm living man, the flame's turned up
And I be out before the jakes turn up
I'm from a busy street, James Turner
I used to get high up in my show and write bars
I should've been in booth but old habits die hard
Expecting me to starve, nah I'd rather take the charge
No bail I get remand, blowing endo on the yard
Thinking '013 I was the best newcomer by far
Man I used to ring bells now I'm setting off alarms
I won't get it off my chest without letting off those arms
Storm before the calm man, I'm the calm before the storm
Wild from unborn G, my life weren't like yours
I would've done you like Jaws, did that YOI tour
I had that hammer like Thor
Shit I was in and out of juvies but it started off in secures
Young and white from the hood, I've been feeling insecure
And dad don't see his son, don't tell him what his son saw
I had a hundred chances but if I had one more
I probably would've done more cause I can't see my mum poor
So my intentions are pure when I come through your front door
And you know what I've come for, don't feel sorry for yourself
You know money rules the world, you gotta get it
My lifestyle hellish, smashing down pellets
Dirty like Dennis, I'll be peckish till I perish
You ain't about that life, you're Anuvahood Kenneth
And lately I've been dwelling on some memories I cherish
Thin line between love and hate, mind where you're stepping
Still it's Stone Island jumper and my Endo
I just got a nine-piece, where's the Benzo?
My soldier ain't tryna stack, he's tryna spend dough
But money lower makes you wonder where your friends go
It's like I went hard and never went home
Homeless in a trackie with some smokers
Shit I was in it balls deep, there ain't a friendzone
I'm flying on the A12, lying on eight bells
Line on eight bills, weed all in the air still
And I can't glorify my life, I just do it to survive like I'm Bear Grylls
Ain't no houses on hills, cats, pipes and syringes
Franky in between 'em like I'm Will, ambition bigger than Shaquille
Kitties phoning me for deals when I need one myself
Man this lifestyle's surreal, had me in the can
Mandem said "you're about to blow" and I just wanna come home
And my lifestyle's surreal

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Record Label(s): 2018 Potter Payper
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