Rock Bottom Lyrics

[Intro: Pleasure P]
This Gone Feel Real Nice
I Got My Swagga Back On This One
Now This Ones Goin Out To
All The Fellas That Done
F**ked Up
They Relationship With They
Old Lady Thinking
This Was A Game
Now You Done Walked Into That Bar
Ordered One Drink
One Drink Done
Turned Into Three
Three Done Turned Into Ten
Now You Lyin On That Bathroom Flo
Askin Yoself What Happen
I'm With You My Nigga
I'm With You

[Verse 1: Pleasure]
Neva knew jus what I had then not have it
Now I'm stuck
With this habit
Singin drunks screamin dammit girl why
What it take for you to free up out my life
Before I look myself in the mirror
(singin why why why why why)
Ooh baby
Sex been so good lately
It's been too crazy
It's been 2 days since you left me
Ooh baby I miss you baby
And darlin I can't take it

I done hit rock bottom over you
Girl I'm beggin n pleadin
Got a nigga feelin you darlin
Them liquor bottles got problems
I done hit rock bottom over you
And I'm missin dem kisses da way ya body jus glistens
When you in da shower
Jus listen

I done hit rock bottom over you you you (yea yea yea)
Girl I jus done hit rock bottom over you you you (yea yea)

[Verse 2:]
Now I'm in dese streets
Jus tryna figure out jus how the f*ck I'm a get my baby back
Back right now
And I'm thinkin maybe if I sent some flowers
Or some candy
Sing a lullabye
(hell nah dat ain't gon work)
And I know this sounds crazy but I ain't givin up
Darlin you gotta understand I was off the chain
And I
I wanna make it worth ya while this time


[Verse 3: Lil Wayne]
When we hooked up
We sat down
Made an aggreement we vowed dat
We would always be together
Through whatever
We said that no one would ever
Come between us
Said we woud neva, eva leave us
But that was a while, ago
But it's lately it feels like I mean I feel like
All we do is fight
And every single night we can't get it tight, can't get it right
I jus wanna
Go back, take it way back all the way back
Can we start again
Do it ova
Can we straighten out
Canwe work it out
Cause I don't wanna be with out

You you you yea yea yea
Girl I jus done hit rock bottom over you

You make me feel like a natural man
I will stand under the clouds tryna catch you if I can
And if that goes as planned
Then safely you shall land
And we will hold hands
And dance
To the beat drums of our heart
We shall never be apart
I pray the music never finish
From the start
On ya mark get ready set pyoom
As I race to the finish line
Better yet the top
Cause I don't wanna hit rock bottom
Bottom line

[Chorus x2]

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