Way Up Lyrics


I Swear This Life Is H20 Without The 2 In It,
It Wants To Drag You When You Rising Just Bcoz You Winning,
And These Niggars Don't Respect You Unless Your Platinum Or Dead,
But My Life Is Not A Bitch It Brings Me Breakfast In Bed.


Y'all Got This f**ken Game Pretty Twisted My Niggars,
I f**ken Got It Under Lock And Key,
I'm Going On My Way Up Rising Straight To The Top,
Become The Best In This Industry,
I'm On My Way Up,
I'm On My Way Up,
I'm On My Way Up,
I'm On My Way Up,

(First Verse) (Tyduss)

It's That Roll Up And That...
That's Way Grown Up,
Oh Yeah I Feel You Niggars But I'm Just Too Turnt Up,
Roll It Back and I Got It,
Toss It Forward And I Give Them Boys Be Scrolling Me Up Be Searching Me Up,
Wondering Who Be Tydus,
That's My Name,
Feel Me 3 Times,
That's Tyduss,
And I'm The Tightest,
Rolling With A Couple Of B's
That's Got Tight Ass,
Welcome, Welcome,
To My Town,
Mine City, The Tyduss City,
Oh Yeah I'm Way Up,
And I'm Way Up,
I'm Smart Like Sammy Cute Like Sossa,
I'm Way Up, I'm Way Up,
I Run The Game I'm Way Up,
We Go For Bigger Things,
Big Dreams,
Till The Bird Sings,
We Don't Stop Like Round Rings.



(Second Verse) (Player)

Throw Me A Beat And Ima Bite It Like That Apple Logo,
Got The Fear Of Missing Out, FOMO,
I Throw Some Punches In These Lines, Leave Bruises,
U Can Never School These Niggars When They Skipping Classes
Niggars Sleep On You So Hard Like A f**ken Pillow,
So I Had To Dive Deep Until I Find Nemo,
I'm A Cat With 9 Lives,
On That Last In First Out,
U Feel This Joint Way Up,
Makes U Get That Halo,
I Tear Crews Straight Up Even If I'm Solo,
They Told Me I Can Never Blow Now They Thunder Struck,
So My Hard Work Pays Nigga,
f**k The Luck,
I'm So Very Hard To Kill Like Them Looney Tunes,
Coz I'm Looney With Them Tunes Never Goofing Up,
I Got A Sticky Watch I Knew My Time Was Coming Bruh,
Everybody Was Away Now They Showing Up,
All The Bitches Busy Acting Kinda Freaky Bruh,
All The Niggars Who Were Sleeping Are Now Waking Up,
I'm Getting Beef Like A Motherf**ken Buchery,
I'm Feeling Cheesy While These Haters Feeling Buttery.
Shout Out To All Of The Fellas Who Believe In Me,
I Know It's Kinda Hard To Hate When You Envy Me,
People Tweeting Me Telling Me They Believe In Me,
And Everyday I'm Always Getting A New Enemy.
What Are Jokers To Aces,
Just A Bunch Of Crazy Haters Who Are Taking Chances,
I'm Never Quiting Coz I Know That I Always Win,
And I'm All About The Green Like The Summer Season,

Get It?



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