This Is Why Lyrics

We are!
And tell me why would you do it!
You love it when you have it, but you cry when you lose it
This is my type of music,
They say that you ain't real till you die for the music.
I'd rather live for the moment
Dream vision and show it
You know it!
You know they say you gotta live for yourself
Love kills... is hells
Like the ones at the story seem to know it too well
The keepers broken so the lies could sell
Like stories of the walls coming down
Stories of... on the ground coming home to the...
And the... I thought we've come to now
Would you look at what we've done for the good of this town?
But is anybody seeing what I'm seeing
No hard, no pulse, but we're pleading
Go to sleep, keep American dreaming
We're not just me that a fat man speeding.
We should know about now
Everything's made in the house sitting now
Like a good dog, and never come out!

This is why we're here
On the rock in the sky
In a world without wonder
And I'm wondering wild
This is how we are
Take the...
When we take from...
We're just left with the lie!

I just really wanna know what's going on
See about who the men in black cars really are
We're here to talk, take the black shades fully off
Look me in the eyes, then tell me that we're better off!
We're putting kids in caskets
And all your bastards who're giving guns for gain of the rich
... and they're wives fat asses
Have a good laugh and cling those glasses!
Cause the world is time to feel
Something that's wrong with the one at the will
And I'm coming down hard, bigger ideas
To let the... from under one of your hills
But you should know by now
Anything made so we can fly, I gotta fall to the ground
Some day and everyone does!

This is why we're here
On the rock in the sky
In a world without wonder
And I'm wondering wild
This is how we are
Take the...
When we take from...
We're just left with the lie!

Yeah, it's like a vision of RCA
A good talk will never leave
He just barks in place
Obey what you're told, you break the mob and it's over
You can be the good boy, I'mma be your soldier
This is why the country is still slipping
The vultures is still picking, the corpse is still living.
Zombies sitting on the porch swing swinging
Democratic, Republican, what a f**k is the difference?
Potion for... and trying to pertain images
Something you never will be and never was to begin with
You're just a template, a cut out, do the wrong thing and get sniffed out
That's when they put the cuffs out.
They took the love out, we're left with the lies
I had no disguise, no verdict, no alibis!
I never wonder why, I just follow where I'm going through
Know who you are, follow what you know it's true!
It's overdue when the game lost...
Everybody talking out, now they... on two face
Bootleg is the new real, no shoe lace
Trapped underneath the boot heel drinking coulee
And it's only getting realer
Prescription the new crap, the doctor's the new dealer
Absolutely something smooth that will kill ya
Sipping Molotovs till I feel bust
And my mind is spinning
My eyes and... these lies they pass me
Every rotation and they don't ask me
And bullshit pain... that I see
No disrespect to the artist, though
My call it is to say what we already know
It must come down if it's up in the sky
And I ain't saying how, I'm telling you this is why!

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Record Label(s): 2014 2014 AoE High Renaissance Inc

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