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Front Line Lyrics

[Chorus x2]
No time to relax, nowhere to run
Living on the frontline (x2)

Who could believe in you if what you say isn't true
If he's deceiving me then what's he see for you
When they raise the flag who do I pledge allegiance to
Life in paper bags, sometimes they fall through
Best love I ever had was this world when it was new
Back in nineteen-seventy all the way to eighty-two
Things were heavenly around the town where I grew
Family love was the sound that I knew, or ran home to
Don't it make your brown eyes blue?
When somebody loves you just for you
With no competition testing you
What's the proposition of our disposition unable
You said that I'm a finish, my style won't replenish
You reckon I'll diminish, f**k a demolition
I'm steady on a mission with no intermission
Cramped up in rough conditions like a Cessna in a hurricane
I get my best nuts standing on virgin stages
Feeling timeless and ageless
Seen those like embryos in our invasion
It's universal, God is amazing

[ImaniCitizen Strange]
They mad cause my rhymes even sound fresh a capella
Hella fellas is hella jealous, had me feeling uncomfortable
Cause they're unacceptable while we're the exceptional
Here to let you know they're influenced by the phenomenal
While you're unable cause you're too unstable
All of your progress is minimal and that's the inescapable fact
Verbal rhyme visionaries equipped with stacks of wax
Rhythm that varies and carries like the wind
Travelling and elevating towards unattainable heights
Exercising my rights and just trying to do what I feel is right

[Chorus x2]

[Bootie BrownFrank Fiction]
There's a lot of players in the game-aca

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