Hitlist Lyrics

Why You Had To Do Me Wrong?
Yeah Aye

I'm A Woman Of My Word
I Never Told You No Lies
I Never Stepped Out On You
I Never Played With Your Mind

I Never Raised Up My Skirt
Fo' No Otha Nigga Around This Hood
I Even Went In My Purse
Tryna Make Sure You Was Good

(Not You Done F'ed Up On The Wrong Girl
F'ed Up With The Homgirl)

How You Gonna Play On Me
When We Got All This History
I'm a Get Ya (I'm a Show Ya After 2nd Verse)

I'll Tell Your Business
I'll Make You Look Bad
I Won't Forget This
I'm Taking All My Shit Back
Taking Out The Trash Out
Ain't No Coming Back Now (Ain't No Coming Back Now)
Boy You Won't Forget This
Cause Now You On My Hit List

See If I Ever See This Chick 'round Hurr
She Can Get Some If She Want To
Cause I Thought Me And Her Was Cool
All Those Times She Was Choosing You
I'm Saying Boy You've Got Your Nerve
Had My Friend Laying Up In Yo Place (Uh Oh)
With Tha Guy Smiling In My Face
With The Love On Me Nah Hate


[Chorus x2]

Looks Like You Done Drop The Ball
How You Gonna Call Saying That You Wanna Get Back
Might Jack A Nigga Off The Wall
Messed That Up First Time That You Hit That
I'm Suppose To Be With That
Please You Can Just About Forget That
And Me... I'm So 'bout To Go (Ooooh, Boy You Know You Was Wrong)You Can Tell That Hoe She Can Get It Back

[Chorus: Playing]
I'm a Tell Her You Business
You Deeessseerrve It Ooh
Ain't No Coming Back Now
No No... Oooh

All My Love
All My Time
That's What You Had
When You Were Mine
Now I'm a Stop Running Game
That's All You Got
Is Yo Place
And I'm a Make You Hateeee
I'm a Make You Hate
You On My (Hit List)
One... Two... Three... Ooooh Oooh Ooh Ohh Ohh Oooh... Ooooh Ooooh Oooh Oooh Oooh Oooh Oooh Oooh Oooh... [Music Playing]

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