If You Knew Me Lyrics

[Paul Wall]
paul wall, im` the peoples champ
it aint` easy bein the peoples champ
its` the new me, new me; new me, new me
true; a lot of struggles i done been through and still goin through
let me show you what its` like to be me [paul wall, paul wall bby]

im not your average guy; im more than meets the eye
i know im friendly and fly; but let me tell you why
i was abandoned at an early age
my daddy was a dopefiend; i aint seen him since the second grade
i sing the same song; baby dad; single mom
i was always in the crawl; yet and still i was alone
i kept my faith in GOD; even in my younger days
i gave my life to CHRIST; got down on my knees and prayed
and GOD answered our prayers and momma remarried
all the burdens she carried; i must admit that it was scary
somehow i got a real man as my father figure
thangs started gettin better for my momma and my sister
pain took me frm a boy to a man
i knew id` make it to the end if i could stick to the plan
people judge me off my music but they never even met me
but id` introduce myself if you'd let me - paul wall bby

[Chorus: Paul Wall]
see ive` been doin this here for a while
eventually yall` boys gon` respect me dawg
im` paul wall - until its over imma` ball til` i fall
im` the greatest in a minute ch`yall
let me tell you if you knew me [knew me] yeah the true me [true me]
Not the glamour and glitz that ch`yall do see [do see]
im` just a regular G; i gotta do me [do me]
im bout` to introduce yall` boys to the new me; c`mon

[Paul Wall]
its` more to me than all this glamour and glitz
i spent my whole life broke; im` just tryin to get rich
i kept it real all my life; i never stepped on toes
but somehow my friends keep turnin into my foes
my ex keep callin` me, but i dont wanna talk to her
so then she call the laws on me like im` the one stalkin her
my new girl say i dont love her enough
but all the hatin friends jealous cause i love her too much
im` drinkin bottles of patron tryin to drink away my troubles
but bein an alcoholic only make thangs double
people judge me off my music but they never even met me
but id` introduce myself if youd` let me - paul wall bby

repeat [Chorus]

[Paul Wall]
you think you know me mayn? but you dont` know me mayne
juss` because you shake my hand dont mean that you my homie mayn
its people prayin on my downfall
and I cant understand why; cause i show love to alluh yall`
people are grateful for the favors you show em`
but when they need you for another one they still act like you owe em`
everybody be takin credit for somethin they aint` do
but you need to quit reachin and stand on your own two
i always stayed humble, i never once changed
i never got a ego or a big head cause of fame
people judge me off my music but they never even met me
but id` introduce myself if youd` let me - paul wall bby

repeat [Chorus]

[Paul Wall]
im` paul wall, im the peoples champ
but it aint` easy bein me
i done put in my fair share of work, f`real
passin out flowers at the club
doin freestyles that dont go on mixtapes
i aint` understand it then but; now I understand it
it`s a bigger picture than just what you think
you gotta think outside the box and try to make it
its` chess moves; not checkers bby

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