Black Republicans Lyrics

Hot Rod
yea (yea) you know who it is (you know who it is) its ya boy hot rod chillin wit my man papoose get that gwap n***a 1.5 ha ha love it now lemme borrow 20 bucks n***a aha ha (whooo weee) man these n***as is so shook i had to get an alarm on my pen and insurance on my note book you little rappers is text book still try'na bounce past while i hit em with the no look now gimme the loot henacy and juice while spittin with papoose in my fireman suit if hip-hop is dead we goin through its grave (yup) to hold a concert and watch the sn--itches raise up if they'll call it the second coming real MC's 'll celebrate the fake ones start runnin you ain't poppin ya gun if you ain't got one you ain't pimpin no hoes if you ain't got none shot gun in the old school but I'm from the new school my whip 07 new shoes condition for winnin my lyrics are limited
i got (blurred) for the children i got (blurred) for the women and if you ain't feelin all the bars that I'm spillin i leave a lyrical puddle you walk by and slip in it down load my crack i have you beggin 10 bo to ya knee caps thats how I'm boot leggin if you want it that bad n***a come get i spit premium rap ya ish is un-lettered from the west to the east i murda tracks i got producers puttin vests on they beats n***a (ahh)


papoose pa poose a yo hot rod what up my n***a G-Unit what up if i loan you tweny you know you got to gimme back forty i feel like a black democrat over throwin these n***as rats killin tracks fitted cats sittin over my wisdom black go get ya gat lets interact i grip the mac represent my homies who in a can like simalax the most powerful MC thats just a fact Al Sharpton asked me 2 march with him how real is that its so easy to twist ya cap but a wise man taught me its more then two ways to skin a cat so i just stand on the podium proven you claimin you the king but its only illusion if you start something gotta show me conclusion you represent the phoniest movement thats the same y'all don't be improvin i take my time y'all be rushin like the soviet union they talk tough then see you and give you a pound thats why i tell 'em pardon my left and spin 'em around i smoke the bubonic tonic exotic malotic bronic bionic psychotic ironic hypnotic conic chronic on every project my object is make the product the hardest smartest calmest modest honest artist new york is cofice i abolish demolish astonish promise no cottage Harvard is garbage acknowledge homage to fathers mauders sick of these officers often causin the coffin and walkin so i decided to calm in and got responses from congress this is retarded this narsis i make they offices vomit they shoulda been cautious they nautious roll out the carpet I'm walkin talkin and talkin and forcin i see their plot is demonic but i can stop at the prophet cuz i just watch it and drop it no forty dollar deposit who let him out of the closet they know my bars are symbolic i drop the Islamic logic I'll show you how to hip-hop it the nacirema dream first quarter go cop it (go cop it)

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