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Just Some Thoughts Lyrics

Wake up in the morning, cup of coffee and some Cheerios
I take a pen and pad and turn 'em into miracles
I'm having fun but everything I say is serious
Who you know could do "Wobbin" and do "Delirious?"
They always said, "You won't make it if you a lyricist"
I hope this record hit a milli' and they hearin' this
I won't deny it give me satisfaction
Every time I see the opposition go missing in action (Hey)
That's for the traitor Joes, I'm on my Baker flow
And I may field questions to let the haters know
We not debatin' though, we got the truth on our side
I keep it fresh and put my breath in the music, I take it all in stride
(Go, go)
Still I need that chip on my shoulder
Got no problem moving on but see no reason for closure
Every time I vent about it, I'm just givin' exposure
But f*ck it (f*ck it)
It's in my nature I'm the good guy
I never leave the city without tellin' mama goodbye
If the good die young, I hope I'm just bad enough
And if it's money problems, hope I just can't add it up
Money machines and dreams of loading up
The bus and doing shows I used to open up
This shit is a rush but I never do that, I'm patient
A hundred songs in and finally got my first placement
And they actin' like it fell out the sky
"Pack been doin' this forever, still ain't pop," and they right
I also haven't worked behind a f*cking desk in my life
If I ain't shinin', why they keep tryin' to put out my light?
Talkin' down on me for chasin' my dream, but who you working for?
I got respect for that but not when you come knockin' at my door on a high horse
What's a fan to you when you buy yours?
Worried 'bout the image so much, you got no touch
Throwin' the rock at the glass you should be focusin' on
Honin' your craft, instead you doin' the most on the 'Gram
In your emotional bag, kids buy in and you just hope that it lasts
It's all a show and it's wack (It's all a show and it's wack)
Hate that I'm givin' it time
Really be spilling my mind, really be livin' my rhymes
So when the message is the same every time
It's 'cause I'm not lyin'
I hope I'm motivatin', I hope the kids see that it's no vacation
I hope you know I'm not preachin', I'm in it with you
I made plenty mistakes and my lessons are beneficial
And if I never make it, I pray that one of you does
And I return the favor, I'm the one giving you love
That shit is the greatest, we made a family here
This is actually real
We do a show and the energy you can actually feel
I wouldn't trade it, not even for Anthony Davis
I might never win a 'ship, might never be A-list
Might not ever even hit a f*cking Spotify playlist
Never be famous, never celebrated, never made it
Devastated, forever hated, hella jaded
Relegated, to the D-league, haha, yeah

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