No Face No Case
Pablo Skywalkin
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No Face No Case Lyrics

I'll ride for my nigga I just pray that he ride for me
Like a roller coaster when she ride on top of me
No this ain't monopoly I'm coming for the property
I'll still tear this bitch up if he stop the beat
How the f*ck you a shooter nigga and you shot his feet
No face no case up 100 nigga no safe
All in her mouth like some toothpaste
Damn she got a toothache
A AR-15 make your crew shake
I take em to the room no I don't do dates
[?] about to [?]
Off too much f*cking cough syrup got a nigga sick
Hit her with the dick now she illiterate
I f*cked a nigga baby mama I'm so ignorant
Talking crazy I went in his shit
He leaking in the party security get him quick
You make a 40 you better get a brick
And if you shining niggas robbing better get a stick
I told her brodie in prison send a picture quick
So she sent some naked ones and sent a picture of her tits
Bitch I'm the shit
The work so f*cking good it make your mama jit
In middle school I shot dice they like where my mama at
I'm hanging where the shottas at
A lot of guns and ammunition bitch it's a lot of that
Dirty money where the laundromat
I know they hate on me I waste my f*cking day sitting at AT&T
We'll did I do that got a 20-pack thousand for a phone I brought 20 back
Lil nigga gone and do the math
She like backshots so she toot her ass
The henny made her do it fast
Brodie stretching work like it's yoga class
Green diamonds in the chain they made Yogi mad
Grew up I ain't have a dad
That shit it made my mama sad
Bitch I'm rich she [?]
I don't like hoes shit that titties sag
She came with me shopping told her get a bag
I slapped a nigga just to get a laugh
Before I had a thousand where the [?] at
This is [?] but where the hemi at
f*ck some chitter chat
Lobster tails got me fat
You ain't no shooter where your bodies at I just killed her p*ssy yeah I bodied that
You talk to much go get a body bag
Them bullets f*cked his arm up and his hand done made his body mad
Got more belts than a karate class
Boy if you with me and got a strap nigga you gotta blast
I got [?] he ain't playing jazz
I be laughing to the bank with my childish ass
Yeah she bad but I still grabbed the condom fast
She was kinda mad right and left pockets make a nigga sad
Got more gold than Trinidad
I knew he was a lame so we switch the [?]
I had reservations had to f*ck get fast
She never f*cked a rich nigga so we f*cked on cash
[?] a Roc-A-Fella nigga like he Damon Dash
Making fast money I just f*cking pray it lasts

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Songwriter(s): Pablo Skywalkin
Record Label(s): 2019 Million Dollar Dreams
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