Devotion Lyrics

Verse 1

Keep the faith!
God works in mysterious ways.
Warming many peoples brains with his Biblical heat waves
And He says 'Thou Shalt not kill!'
Does that mean I cant murder with lyrical skill?
Christ Within means everytime I rhyme I'm inspired by him!
Forgive me Father for I have sinned, I have sinned!

[Pre Chorus]

Now I know I'm not the best!
But I know if I try my best then I'll grow,
With you by my side we can change the world tonight!

To all the congregation wave your hands with me,
Come on wave your hands with me!
To all the believers sing along with me,
Come on sing along with me!
Here it goes..


Devotion. Gotta have devotion! (x2)

[Verse 2]

Keep the faith!
God saved my bacon on many occasions.
Near death experiences I was saved by an Angel,
Sent to protect me so I could live my destiny,
Repay all the power he invested in me!
I wish the devil wouldnt pester me 'cause no man is ever less than me!

[Pre Chorus]


Yes Yes Y'all, You dont stop!
Mee-lee-ahh, God's Son,
Listen Up, You dont stop!
Mee-lee-ahh, God's Son!

[Verse 3]
Now Listen up!
When I say I'm God's son.
That don't mean I'm the second Messiah to ever come!
That would be blasphemous & I'm a good Christian child..
What I mean is..
I look up to the devine, everlasting Father,
'cause we're all his sons & daughters,
What he taugh us..
Is his son would die for us and if I had to I'd die for him!

[Pre Chorus]


Gotta have faith in yourself,
Faith in your Lord.
Faith that faith itself will not distort!


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