Conqueror Of Fear Lyrics


Awake! My obdurate soul
A star shatters the morning
Let us undo the future
Sail the sunset towards a new Dawn
Unfuri the banner invictus
Begotten in iron embrace

Crush the tranquil mercies of catatonia
Put to sword the palsied dog
Abandon the I that was
Engender the fierce spirit


Black chaos expanding
Ouroboros circles in pursuit of itself
Beneath the entropic oceanic abyss
A paradox convulses the universe
Genesis - a gravid flourish of life
Protoplasmic sparks (kindle) an infuriate flame
Febrile brilliance fine points of light
Phosphorescence moves into Man

Unleash subjecting truths in sacred words
Ignite the dominion of absurdity
Fire and Sword imperium - darkness pale
Irradiances flourish where compelled to shine
Deluge - Tenebrae sweeps in on mute limbs
Astride the Plateau glimpse the rising gloom
Acknowledge the nihilism (or ordered procession)
The drowning caress of black swirling waters

Sacrosanct (man as microcosm)
Four temperaments (fuse) - statuesque Entity
The fortitude of a pristine creature
Transcend tyranny - Quintessential Power

The Scorpion beneath the upturned stone
The Snake invisible in the grass
With fangs He protrudes from a scornful smile
As He watches your fortress wash away like dust

Horus ablaze against a setting of Fear
Kingly halo (four tiered earth) at his feet
Sapient eye illuminates the fleeting staircase
Ascent of deliverance - invincibility

I am He
(The Crowned and Conquering One)
Conueror of Fear

He is the refuge towards which you crawl
Yet as poison Fear has tainted your wine
Let fly the arrow marking you for death
He laughs - He represents Foreverness

As an act of penance you mortify your flesh
Shievering for blood wept out as joy
Amassed Silence ruptures to devour
Tenebrae - ushers in the sickened shroud


Fel Draconum vinum eorum
Et veneum Aspidum insanibile

(Their wine is the poison of Dragons
And the cruel venom of Asps)

So pray (...) for death to procreate
Poisoning as it falls
A merciless cleansing
Intoxicating Silence among the ranks
Dark waters cold and pallid
Black dawn arise - asphyxiate
As the swineherd


Hear unto my voice this prophetic sound
Retreat into sacred solitude
Symbols and signs bear fruit to the wind
Horizons yield seething towers of hate
Insular strength - Invincible
Pay homage to the coming fall

I am the Bringer of Fire to the people
A sacred Entity against mass
Journey the ways that soon be followed
The rebel Teitan Prometheus
Plunging into distant Fears
Incandescent and alone

Crowing myself with bloodied hands
Standing out amongst the fallen
In defience I shout a caustic cry
Invoke invisible Power Invincible

The star shattered Dawn
The beholden Spirit of Destiny
I am He

One is Strength and One is Wisdom
One thwarts the bleak collapsing fall
One attains the gifts of Reason
Empowered with the bitter Truth
Through suffering perseverance to the end
One Strength emerges frozen in Steel

Dark brodding ways come close at hand
Bearing the light of a new day
Tribulate occupy the decayed thrones
As sweet as fire
Glorious Dawn upon the Plateau Of Might
Now Burns

Straining laughter forth from my mouth
A peal of chimes crowning death
I will bear the children of the world
Carry the Wise on the shoulders of fools
Spite and Spit guide sight to the rest
Who in the distance wither and die

Bolts of Fear (of pain, of disease)
Father Struggle awaits in ambush
Winds buffet with no known recourse
A challenge in Glory and Force...

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