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hay you already know...... lolo omg major p new boyz we got haterz we got haterz where dhey at ayyy oh dhere dhey go oh dhere dhey, they jealous anyway go dhere dhey go dhere dhey go ayyy hay ayye heyy ayee hay aye
lets get it my momma told me dat da fame would bring out all da haterz im busy gettin money so i take care of dhem later space A swagged up steady pilin taggs up lolo b stuntin likr wat gone back it up i play it cool but it sucks when you no I hate so called people aint your people no more im da same old me just stackin up dough mo money mo problaems so you already kno
we got haterz ayy haterz haterz haterz ayy haterz we got haterz ayy haterz haterz haterz ayy haterz we got haterz watchu lookin at watchu lookin at huh watchu lookin at watchu lookin at huh watchu lookin at watchu lookin at huh watchu lookin at watchu lookin at
New Boy
too may haterz and all of dhem mistakin bringin dhey gang of dogs well im bringing some alligators and idont kno why you wanna beat on such a player all up in da kool aid and dont even kno da flava got haterz and dhey dont talk now dhey talk lata expecting your boy 2 fall without recievin toilet paper got dough got bread got cheese got cheddar omg girlz and new boyz up and datz 4eva holla

yung fly girl omg girl been a star since da day icame 2 dhis world haterz on my right haterz 2 my left shawty step im futuristic in need of no help rockin different colors and curlz n my hair the boys really wish dhey could so dhey stare da gurlz wishin dat dhey was me so dhey hate datz great you needa stay on your job cuz im straight (yu c me)
i blowed up now my pockets growed errbody all up on me wen i show up dhen i be like hold up haterz wanna throw up cuz i go so hard ima let it stream
sho nuff haterz aint got nothin 4 us we b so fly 4rm da toe up wanna see me get your throw up purple shoes and tutus glitter shirts yellow nailz omg lol hate on me u sol

New Boy
my steeze is 2 stupid they c and approve it if hate is a strong word why we people use it embarrassing themselves betta hide dat anger they be on da web talking mess ichat bangerz like they they be cool 4 a portion of da rap then start getting outta hand like scorpion attack get it get ova here its all 4 you 2 think about we dnt lol em no more we omg em now

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Record Label(s): 2010 Major P Productions
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Meaning to "Haterz" song lyrics (33 meanings)
mikayla 07/08/12,14:02

I love dis song and o know I am the fashioned that y'all are looking for and I got what it takes to be a OMG girl
kamaya 03/01/12,19:16

i love it ok lol that song is hot heyyyyyyyy omg girlz i love the song haterz and that is my favorite song to.
nerlandegeffrard 02/05/12,12:50

I just wonna say can I be in the omg girlz bekus there's a lot of people dnt have money poor I wonna take care of my grandmother cuz she's sick so plaese305-303-5909
GirlzInsane Keke 11/28/11,13:54

This song is very interesting, its sends a good message to everyone trying to make but the haterz are like a brick wall we're bustind down and yall sound good with or without baby carter
lala 11/27/11,19:55

hey i live in u.s.a and i want to be on the omg girlz cuz i can rap sing and dance. u gotta let me in this grouppp the best is lolo and all of them n reganaie. why did she have to leave ?by luv yall
kaykaii 11/04/11,10:43

hataz be everywea but u cant let dhem get u down kus dhey want what u got so keep doing you and stay shinin!OMG!
Lourdes 07/28/11,19:52

@tianna she left cus her mom and dad said she had to focus on school. If you saw it on Tiny and Toya, Toya said she had to leave to concentrate on her school work.
sexcii reeree 07/23/11,10:08

if yahl aint got baby carter in dhis yahl just go be lame. Baby really should have behn in dhis rehl stuff but I do luhv dis sonqq
tianna 06/24/11,10:07

heyyyyyyyy omg girlz i love that song haterz thats my 2 favorite song i love all of u guys my frist favorite song is lil wayne baby cater song how to love thats my fav
TeamOmgLolo 03/21/11,00:07

Hii this is Lourdes Lolo Rodriguez and I wanna thank all my fans for supporting me and the omg girlz n also me and baby carter will be coming out soon with our own thinq together so stay tuned thxs...
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