Need That Love Lyrics

[Intro: Shad Moss]
Ay O
We got that shit that the women just wanna hear my n***a
Ay O, talk to em

[Hook: Omarion]
Yeah, she act a fool when she on it
I'mma take her out this club
I know them other n***as want it
But baby girl I need that love (need that love x2)
But baby girl I need that love (need that love x2)

[Verse 1: Omarion]
Need that right away
Look good wanna see how it taste
You wanna see her move

Private show, back to the spot
Bust down, my ring and my watch
Touch down, already on the clock
If he broke, tell that n***a stop

[Bridge: Omarion]
They just want it girl (want it girl)
Baby I been waitin'
I'm so ready baby
Bring it on to me
Let's go
Up, down like I'm ridin' in the bay
Ay, R.I.P to Mac Dre
You leavin' and you comin' home with me (ay)
Y'all n***as say


[Verse 2: Omarion]
I need that like the rent due
I wanna know them things that you in to
Straight to the action
I'm tryna dive in you like a swimming pool
Make that happen
Tonight I wanna explore ya
Most of these n***as they adore ya
But most of these n***as can't afford ya

[Bridge & Hook]

[Verse 3: Shad Moss]
If you knew better you'd do better
Girl and I ain't even tryin' sweat ya
Ain't never begged for no pussy in my life (never)
And I ain't finna start baby
So come f*** witcha boy let me show ya how I kick it
Why we rushin' to the bed when we right here in the kitchen
Love when I talk dirty yeah she like that shit
She goin' down on a n***a but don't bite my shit
See I know how to treat a lady and lately you been feelin' lost
And whatever your love is worth I'm willin' to pay the cost
You down and I'm down, and if you ridin' I'm ridin' too (forreal tho)
Gon' be a different woman when I'm done with you
That's real shit

[Bridge & Hook]

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