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FreeFlow Lyrics

[Verse 1: Omar Garvey]
This is the story of someone destined for greatness
Hold the standing ovation
The name is OG and this OG I'm rolling until I'm faded
Elevated from the basics in hopes to be one of your favorites
I'm just trynna find my placement I'm just trynna be adjacent
To my idols if their rivals this killing spree should be painless
Legendary since birth i already feel like an a-list
The flow is outrageous, momma now look at what you done created
This heat too much for Satan so why don't we get to the basis
Never knew my daddy but i didn't need him i became my own man
Had to put together my own plan, bring them bands at first glance
Filling every composition that i ever had not a blank page
Tell the competition this my time no time for the ones who don't relate
Let 'em hate, cause i would hate me too if i had a gift
They don't wanna see me get up out the hood they don't wanna see me live
I was going thru it only way to clear the mind was to write it out
Started doubtin' myself demons runnin' to me had to fight it out
Way more than i use to, moving slower than the matrix
Separated from the hatred, i don't do this to be famous (No!)
God got a plan for me different day same shit
Trynna get the fam out the struggle, watching Lil brody pull off in the latest
If a nigga was to touch mine leave his outline on the pavement
Grind time feeling out shined you could blame this
On a beat i get creative
I be trynna tear the shit apart
Gotta remind myself have patience it already started
You already know you go the hardest
You already know you go the farthest
Now a days everyone's a rapper
Many fillers not enough artists
Let me be the one to dominate
Skinny nigga lookin' like a heavyweight
They was saying who gonn' run the city Ima gladly be the one to operate
Ima be the one they nominate trynna replicate i won't tolerate it
Ima be handing out head shots ever bar will make 'em feel intoxicated
Now you know them niggas bound to hate
On a kill streak like golden state
And i bring them eyes in if its not M's then we don't negotiate
Facts only
Pretty soon when i roll thru its black Bach and a black Rollie
Mad facts on a track i could never slack i got what they lack homie
Shorty ass fat tell her bring it back while i count another stack on me
And I'm coming from the Bronx trynna make my songs get a plaque odee

[Outro: Omar Garvey]
Woo! get a plaque odee, yeah, aye, yeah get a plaque odee
Damn, i f*cked around and ran out of breath and shit *giggles* aye, aye
Yeah, time is now, huh, yeah, aye, that volume 2 is on the way, that volume 2 is on the way, yeah, yeah, huh, woah, OHH NOO!

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Songwriter(s): Omar Garvey

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