The Leaving Song. Whatever. We Didn't Feel Like Naming This One Lyrics

Well, pack my bags, and make it fast
This town's worn out my presence
I've severed every tie to the wasteland
Of my pilfered adolescence
Orange skies will lead my way
As the golden solar rays
Will lead me southbound to the place that I call home

Tell all the brothers and sisters that I never had
That I'll be coming back home for them

See, these fields of flowers never grew familiar to my eyes
When the colors are just as obscure as the people living this life
And it's so hard to call it beautiful when the canvas is so bland
There's country charm, but I've seen better in the cities
For the record, this is not my hometown
So believe me when I say goodbye

"I live in a place where people are paranoid of change.
I mean, they're so locked into their own monotonous cycles
That they let things stay the way they are for decades.
I guess I can't say I blame them
Because I was the same way when I first moved here from Florida.
But one person can only handle so much complacency
And after punching in my time cards day in and day out
I think I've had enough."

These parallel, flat two lane roads are parallels to local homes
Where ignorance presides over sheltered narrow minds
And below their giant noses are even larger mouths
Feeding hungry ears any news they want to hear
Cause rumors are the information and entertainment here

Oh, and tell that special girl that never came into my life
That the flowers I sent were for her

It's been a lifetime since the sun shone in this town
Everybody needs a little light, so I'm burning this place down
So my horizon will be golden on the hottest summer days
I hear familiar voices calling me from the heart of the Everglades
They're singing, "ITS THE LIFE!"
Tell the landlord and the farmer
They can keep their pristine pastures, I'm gone.
Pass the message to my friends that I'll be missing them at heart
But this place never felt like home, so believe me when I say goodbye

I'm ripping out the pages of my diary
All the chronicles of a small town life that was never meant for me
Yeah, i'll circumvent this lucid shroud of negativity
And abdicate this masquerade I fabricate in fourteen shades of grey
From here on out, I'm making sure sunshine is the only thing
That stands between where I am and where I want to be

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