Welcome To N.j. Lyrics

I was born at a time when the world didn’t seem like such a sucky place
Maybe I was too young to know or care what this planet was all about
But the older I got just made me see it won’t get better just worse
The earth is a hole pouring out shit on us the people who slowly destroy it

I player in the pollution of the Passaic River at least until I was ten
Killing scummy rats, watching toxic fish, excreting toxic chemicals
I used to get smacked in the face by mom for dragging in shit-smelling mud
Home away from home, the garbage dumps returned being stoned as the reptiles roamed

By 15 I was used to it: the garbage, pollution and the smoke
At least I only lived 5 minutes from the city so it was easy for me to get some weed
I remember tripping for a year straight at home, in court or at school
Smoking angel dust, doing every drug, I almost died, I was such a fool

Sleeping in the meadow lands among the shit
Romping through the cemetery destroying it
Blowing off everything, blowing off God
Don’t regret a single thing, I was born a slob

18th year creeps up on me
So the cops keep telling me
They can’t wait, they point and laugh
I was the one they could not have
A violent breed of sickened child!

Instead of seeing green grass, blue water and blue skies
All I saw was thick smoke from chemical plants and broken glass
Mountains of garbage, dead animals, buildings infested with rats
And piles and piles of chemical barrels reaching for the sky

I’ve seen it all so many times it doesn’t even phase me
This place is so f**king embarrassing
Would you come here on vacation?
Stepping on an AIDS needle or knee-high in shit
This place made me what I am: Psychotic!
22 a man of the world, full of responsibility
Live on my own just getting stoned
Sucked even more into the city

Look out my window
The trees growing from concrete
This state is my enemy I cannot defeat

Welcome to New Jersey
Put a gun to your head instead
Welcome to New Jersey
You’d be better off dead

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