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Flex Lyrics

[Verse 1: Noah Caine]

We need them mansions
And them dollars with them bigger faces
Weak niggas need vacations like they need replacing
I been killing shit and blazing since I laced the basement Bitches so invasive on a nigga like he got some cases

I'm perfectly fine with being the villain
Cause bitches be scheming from the beginning
These niggas try killing you when you're winning
Police be murdering people we watch the media spin it
Like Abracadabra, here's a cadaver put it on camera
That's why my momma's stressing
She's having dreams that I'm jammed up
Somewhere out of town, trying to move all this bad luck
Well sorry momma my niggas pitching that dandruff
That type of fire making these paraplegics stand up
Then I'm back on my humble f*cking a tan slut
I'm too handsome to be in some handcuffs
Niggas working them phones and getting their grands up Bitches got your work in their nose
You be getting your grams up, huh?
You know that I want it all to the fullest
This shit is excalibur weak niggas could never pull it
We're here every day dodging these bullets
Trying to make it up out of this bullshit
I'm praying for them dollars, nigga check the pulpit
Roll another one, we're getting faded while we school shit
Only nigga repping he's destined to make you fools sick
Got keys to your bitch crib, make that hoe my mistress Running through yo' district, trying to see how the rich live
Roll with wild Jamaicans, peace to my Haitians
A lot of money waving, my bitches they come in flavors Nothing's coincidental on these instrumentals
Either I meant to kill it dead, or niggas missed the memo
They say I sound like the mother f*cking crack era
Perfection with the hustle like I lack error
[Chorus: Noah Caine]
Young nigga go and flex, right right
Got me f*cking up a check like, yeah yeah
Till there's diamonds on my neck like, yah yah
They never disrespect, no no

[Verse 2: Noah Caine]

Never got fooled by any devils in disguise
I guess everything happens for a reason and then you die
My midas touch it be touching your inner eye
And everything that glitters ain't gold
But just keep that between you and I
U-N-I verse, spit these verses 'til my hearse lifts
Only nigga when you picture his rhymes
You see them in cursive
Niggas they be back on the block from trips to them houses Y'all kids don't know shit 'bout the street
Y'all just be clicking mouses
Infatuated, fake asses and titties trapped in the matrix
Strapped in for the ride
My shit a buck fifty, give you a facelift
We were born to be real, not to be perfect
Late night arguments
I'm asking myself if she's really worth it
I be chasing money she be chasing that bird shit
I just blame myself for getting involved
While my heart was hurting
Niggas say I'm next but I'm barely scratching the surface Killers doing dirt, then pray to get clean, sitting in churches
I just order the rigatoni, bruschetta with primavera
Toast a glass of Chardonnay
To these blessings I'm seeing clearer
Young nigga I'm gon' Flex like, right right
And I'm gon' f*ck up all these checks like, yeah yeah
[Chorus: Noah Caine]

Young nigga go and flex, right right
Got me f*cking up a check like yeah yeah
Till there's diamonds on my neck like yah yah
They never disrespect, no no

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Songwriter(s): Noah Caine
Record Label(s): 2016 Brick & Tan Entertainment
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