Invasion Party Lyrics

Little grey bubbles, friend of mine in trouble. liberals all huddle. new extreme is subtle. gradation is the key, black & white world crumbles. quit shaking yr class struggles! sick of money scuffles. calling me a stranger, calling me a liar, appalling! 'cause the motherf**kin' monument's on fire. saviour my behaviour, astronaut parader, pretentious scream restrainer. homeless dudes with sabres lead an invasion party.... invasion party! here's your invitation: we're leading you in song and we're leading the invasion. tribal safety prisons, kept against yr wishes. excuses all fictitious. community leaders vicious. screaming "culture, heritage," but that shit's superstition. i say yr elders are complicit, you stick then yr not with it. calling for a coup! overthrow the media. got the nation thinking therefore they're no longer needing you. if the white world's wrecked, it's a domino effect. still racists get respect! but we have their home address... showed us their mettle but we won't let 'em. crowds of thousands heckle like boiling outta the kettle. letting ourselves in, else there's no way that we settle. crossing over the threshold is why this time is special. calling end to silence without calling for violence. evaporating water that seperates our islands. getting anywhere we want making known we're present. hell yeah! it's invasion but hell no, not to threaten. television's killing yr kids faster than cigarettes. still you sit and watch, smacking on your nicorette. did i just hear somebody call the killing fields picturesque?! mugging senior citizens to pay the interest on your student debts. voted for a tax cut, suffered when the rates went up; down to the last drop of liquor in yr coffee cup. do you really think that you can't make any difference?? the way you cling to laziness is borderline ridiculous! suckerpunch goes to responsible & truthfulness. teaching it in school: backstabbing & ruthlessness. denial is the key: don't own up to anything! don't say a word unless it's muttered deep & quietly. every day & all the time, people turn on honesty. ask them about before they say "i couldn't tell you, honestly..." apparently the doctors said my grandpa isn't that sick. or did they just say that to keep grandma optimistic? seems in north america lies are societally intrinsic, i was told lying's always harmful -- isn't it or is it??? STOP

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Record Label(s): 2006 Tomlab
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