Autobiography Lyrics

(Nicki Speakinq]; This Is The Autobioqraphy Of Nicki Maraj

May The Lord Protect Me As The World Gets Hectic
My Voice Projected My Life Reflected
May The Lord Protect Me As The World Gets Hectic.
My Voice Projected, My Life Reflected.
[Verse 1:]

Daddy Was A Crack Fiend.
Two In The Morning Had Us Runnin' Down The Block Like A Track Team.
When He Burned The House Down And My Mother Was In It, How Could I Forqet It, The Pain Was Infinite.
She's My Queen And I Ain't Even British.
She's The Only Reason That I Went To School And I Finished. (yeah)
She Told Me That I Had Talent, Got On Her Knees And Prayed For Me When I Started Being Violent.
She Saw Something In Me That, Til This Day I Don't Know If I Could Be That. But I'ma Die Trying.
And When I'm Done Crying, Grab The Iron , And Black Out Like I'm Retiring.
Nightmares Of Yu Killing My Mother, The Reason That I Sleep With My Head Under The Covers.
And They Shoulda Thrown The Book At You, Cause I Hate You So Much That It Burn When I Look At You.
[Chorus: x2]

May The Lord Protect Me As The World Gets Hectic,
My Voice Projected, My Life Reflected.
[Verse 2:]

Damn I Wanna Run To You
Hold You & Kiss You & Tell You How I Miss You.
Thought I Would Have A Son for You
But Now It's Official It's Over And I Can't Let You Go
But I Gotta Let You Know, All The Sh*t I Did Make Me Feel
Like I'm Dying Real Slow. Cause No One Understands Me,

They Don't Know What To Do, When I'm Hurt, When I'm Angry.
You Was My Friend, And My Man And My Daddy.
You Was There When That bitch Tried To Stab Me.
Anything I Ever Needed, Knew You Had Me
Cause Of You, All Them Chicks Couldn't Stand Me.
So Why Hurt You? That's The Question.
It Took This Long For Me To Learn My Lesson.
Cause Now All I Want Is Peace, And Get Drama,
I Finally Understand The True Meaning Of Karma.
[Chorus: x2]

May The Lord Protect Me As The World Gets Hectic.
My Voice Projected, My Life Reflected.
[Verse 2:]

Please Baby Forgive Me.(Forgive Me)
Mommy Was Young, Mommy Was Too Busy Tryna Have Fun.
But Now I Pat Myself On The Back, For Sending You Back, Cause God Knows I Was Better Than That.
To Conceive You Then Leave You, The Concept Alone Seems Evil I'm Trapped In My Conscious.
I Adhere To The Nonsense Listening To People Who Told Me I Wasn't Ready For You.
But How The f**k Would They Know What I Was Ready To Do?
And Of Course It Wasn't Your Fault, I Could Feel You In The Air, I Hear You
Saying "Mommy Don't Cry Can't You See I'm Right Here?"
I gotta Let You Know What You Mean To Me.
When I'm Sleep, I Could See You In My Dreams With Me
Wish I Could Touch Your Little Face And Hold Ya Little Hand
If It's Part Of God's Plan Maybe We Can Meet Again
[Chorus: x2]

May The Lord Protect Me As The World Gets Hectic.
My Voice Projected, My Life Reflected.

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Meaning to "Autobiography" song lyrics (49 meanings)
Tedel polite 08/18/12,13:29

Nicki did no abortion she gave up her son 4 adoption and wish to meet him and hold him,she misses his pretty face!!!!
Isley 07/12/12,19:25

I love nicki nicki minaj so much ,,, even though she went through tough times she knows its life and only God knows why that happened as part of her family,,but look at her now she suceeded.
miami heat 06/18/12,09:08

nicki minaj had a hard life tp was right this is about onika not nicki but she moved her life foward away from the past and into the present to live her life.
Tp 06/07/12,21:23

This is really the true autobiograpghy of Onika. Not nicki. This song is SO SO powerful. This song appeals to the soul and makes even the toughest person tear up.
Queen Diva 05/10/12,10:56

She means despire of everything n all the drama she went through she is able to move on nice one nicki
Hbt69 04/29/12,15:27

She means that her life was rough but she always kept her head up. Her ex boyfriend always said he was there and always had her back, she got pregnant when she was younger& aborted it: she's sorry):
Destiny 02/13/12,22:13

The meanin is nicki saying the truth, saying the meaning to her , the thoughts in her mind then and maybe now. Her knowing it wasn't right but somehow it was because she didn't want to take the chance
tet3;) 01/19/12,11:47

The meaning of this song iss tht this is wat she feels watss she been thruu in her life she expressing it in het feelings in the song she letting the pain&&aqnish put of her this is a veryy gudd sunq
tamia washington 12/31/11,14:53

i love all your songs nicki if the haterz call you anything mean like a tramp.forget them there jealous because they didnt make thay dream and you did. ill say you THE GREATEST!
*Shawtiie02#Reackless 12/21/11,14:07

i feel like this song is very powerful and tells the history of a hard life, regrets, and overcomming all that pain..... nicki goahead and do ya thang girl !!!
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