I'm Still Poppin' Lyrics

heyy It goes 1 pill, 2 pills, 3 pills, 4, shit how many more pills could iGo, shit iDon't even know but i'm still poppin', and she aint trippin so iAin't stoppin', 1 pills, 2 pills, 3 pills,4, shiit how many more pills could iGo.
hey hey hey
Yea Ya'll Know me pop so many triple c's that iMight OD, like who don't know me, Girlfriend i'm too hot to be low key.
and you know what she told me, when she pop a pill she be wit it low key, i'm TIU, i'm TIU
I Hope You Brought Enough Pills To Get Me High Too. and Ima Hit It wit me right behind you but she only want a niggah wit a lot of tattoo's, that's me, that's me, Watch out i got this, and i'm so hot it's like i'm riding in a cock pit.. TIU on Pills And Purple, just tryna go home wit your girlfriend and her purse.Stuck On Brochures just tryna make it work and i'm so lil i can't remember my verse.

Chorus X2

my crew necks poppin', skinny jeanz saggin' right down, crenshaw wit pussy killer blastin', Red T Hat and you know it's flipped back, just smoke a blunt no we're Finna smoke a black, it's me the lil' homie ace and pokie, and we fly high turnt up and stoney freshed up, crenshaw duckin' the police, smoke another blunt and watch me smoke the whole thing, and i pay 150 fo' the kicks, and i be on yo' head if you flippin these bitch cuzz, i'm all for peel, and in about four blunts, no liquor, got Straight Codiene In My Cup!,west side four hunnys,fresh off, no cuts, and i hope her ass stick out more than her gut... and I'm A Pill Poppin' Animal, Syrup Sippin' Niggah, And I Make No Sense Like A Frame With No Picture..!

Yeauhhhhhhhhhhhh CHORUS

You know iPop Pills Niggah I'm Paid, And I Don't Give A f**k Bout What A Niggah Say, You Know iPop Pills Niggah I'm Paid, Ana I Don't Give A f**k Bout What A Niggah Say... X3

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Meaning to "I'm Still Poppin'" song lyrics (3 meanings)
chelsey copling 05/27/10,08:48

heyy new voyz im a vig dan its not like yall care avout any of ur dans and since yall wanna play girls go ahead its none of my buisnsess so go ahead and play them cuz they to dumb to relize it anyway.
Yannab 10/26/09,09:05

bro itz jst a song they dnt really have to do that like in tie me down do really think they treat girls like dat nd if they do then they catch somethin
na-na 10/10/09,10:45

wtf? r u serious? dis cnt b new boyz. nd if it was new boyz it wld onli b benj cuz legacy dnt evn smoke or pop pills from what i know. benj smokes but i dnt think he pops pills.
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