Waiting On You Lyrics

[Verse 1: Oldwun]
Either you is, ya ain't, you will, ya won't
Ain't no half steppin the question, either ya do, you don't
Ain't no ultimatium subsiding the under lyin point
Need you back to earth with me like a flip of a coin
It's flippin annoying, but you the ying to my yang
Love songs vouch with me everytime that they're sang
But I can't keep waiting in vain for nobody
If you can't give me a yes or a no then I'm sorry

[Chorus: Awa]
Just make up your mind
I can't waste my time
Waiting on you

Just make up your mind
I can't waste my time
If this ain't for you

[Verse 2: Junz]
Yeah... Like PCD I hate this part right here,
So baby talk to me cause we gotta be clear,
You and I got history, so why ain't this in the past,
Trying to pursue my dream be the reason I ask,
Cause my times running like sand through the hour glass,
I ain't frontin' this could be my last chance,
I ain't taking no breaks, accepting no rainchecks,
So where do we go next.


[Verse 3: Sabre]
Questions are many answers are none
Words escape defining what we have now more of a Ho-Hum
Honey got me reeling from the lines I cast
You're a catch but I can't miss the boat if you don't want to dance
Takes two to tango I ain't stepping on your toes
Or leading in a direction that you don't want to go
I got a one way ticket and I ain't turning back
So if you can't handle the heat best hit the road jack
Make up your mind start with the foundation
Dust off regard and be real no hesitation
Don't powder the truth, this lifestyle ain't for the faint of heart
If you with me grab a paddle man and let's make a start
Or make an end depart like Noah's ark
Two by two if you ain't the one then disembark
So is it Bon voyage or say la vee?
Either way times up what will it be

[Bridge x2: Junz]
Do you know what you want love, it's confusing
You were down, now your pick-n-choosing
Be real, chill with the games
Here when I say, can't deal the pain.

[Verse 4: Oldwun]
You drivin me crazy with if, but's and maybe's
Claim it's a rare occurrence, happens on the daily
Gimme some leeway, somethin that's certain,
End of the day you the only one that's hurtin
I'm tryna understand you, but I can't read your mind
Why can't you be more decisive, and stop wastin my time
Agree to disagree my point you can't fathom
Can only take so much of in between answers

[Chorus: out]

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