The Marvel Villains Cypher Lyrics

[Chorus: Meg Garner]
You've got the power
Made by design
Breaking the rules
Villains arise

[Verse 1: Red Skull (Knox Hill)]
Red Skull it's the Hydra titan, lead pools in my mind of violence
Dead pull at the final silence, cull you all in my rhyme's asylum
Wreck spinals and vitals on vinyls, I know I'm psycho, I might go
Cut your aid-off with a chainsaw, brains raw
Blackout in a wormhole - face off
Dragged down into Vormir - gate boss
But don't you test-or-act for me
I'm packin' heat on beats, I rack on these weapons
Of mass destruction, I gas the public and strap the peace
No cap, I end you in your starter capped, Steve Roger that

[Verse 2: Loki (Ben Schuller)]
Wеll that was nice, and no I'd never liе
You can all sit down cause the god's arrived
Everything I want I can take it
Your savior is here, so glad I could make it
In all black, stab you in the back, never saw the first attack, I'mma be the most notorious
I'm burdened with a purpose and it's glorious, glorious
[Verse 3: Ultron (Dreaded Yasuke)]
Ay, I was created by science and became the perfect vessel
You will need an alliance cause you're facing something special
But you're thinking that my heart is colder than my metal
But I see the state of this planet sick with organic devils
I don't need no pilot to fly this Iron Man
Not a fan of calling me a tyrant when silence of mankind is in demand
Your compliance mean that your timing ends with the sand
Within my guidance I'm gonna cure this land

[Verse 4: Nebula (Halocene)]
Cybernetic psychopath, call me what you will
Biggest sadist in the galaxy, every part rebuilt
To win, defeat, destroy, repeat
You won't even face my rap game if it's not ripe on beat
Stark got nothing on me, cause I'm the OG
That Gauntlet will be mine, I will make the world bleed
But first in line my father and my sister must pay
For this unceasing pain I feel every single day

[Verse 5: Klaw (Adam Purski)]
Yeah, you can not mess with the sonics
Yes, I'm a thief, but I'm gettin' the profit
Making a living from what I do best
Offer the funds and I'll shoot for the head
You're hearing me now, you're dead on the floor, bringing the rain, I'm making it pour
Collecting the prize after I've taken you out with the Klaw
And I want more, so I keep slayin' them, obey the man - that's me
Bringin' the pain to them, Vibranium is the pavement, man - that's it
I'm reppin' myself, I don't rep a has-been
"Inspector Gadget" with the blasters
The way my hand's opening up
You will get dropped to the ground with no casket, that's it
[Verse 6: Killmonger (NemRaps)]
Now I've been waiting my whole life for this, you can't count the scars on my body
I might show up late to your party, grabbing a plate and saying: "Hey, auntie!"
Y'all sitting up here all comfortable, ain't nobody gonna kiss your rings
I'm pounding my chest, you laying on the ground, I'm screaming out loud: "Is this your king?
Is this your king?" Nah bitch, let me just settle this nonsense
Never surrender to any contender 'cause death is better than bondage
I'ma make sure you see the pain in my eyes before you see the claws
And if I can not rule the world, then I'm gonna burn it all

[Chorus: Meg Garner]
You've got the power
Made by design
Breaking the rules
Villains arise

[Verse 7: Doc Oc (Connor Quest!)]
The Doctor's in, now which subject am I oppin' on?
Grapple and wrap them like we was scrapping in the octagon
Crush him 'til he makes no sound like driving a Prius
I've got an eight limbs, I'm more a spider than he is
A father figure to that Parker kid, I guess that I'm an Octodad
Dig their graves, a square space like it's a sponsered ad
Biting off heads that Os is bat going off the track
Doc's mods top stocks, Rob shops, I'm double copping bags
[Verse 8: Hela (Kara Corvus)]
About time somebody came and finished this
Don't you all know my powers are limitless
Here to bring out all your darkest fears
While I drown entire planets in their blood and tears
It's my time, I'm the goddess of death
And if you think I'm backing down don't go holding your breath
The rightful heir finally back again
If you stand in my way prepare to meet the end

[Verse 9: Abomination (Sl!ck)]
I don't need any weapons, two fists enough to get through the message
He think he got it all smashed until I step foot on his block and I Hulk him, wreckless
See when I run down, better look vicious, I'm off the Gamma and I feel radiant
Stronger than Banner and if I catch him bet I'm a knock him back into O eight with this
And I'm a need all ten rings like wilt for taking down Wong cause no one else built
Matter of fact, I'm abominable, the ravager of worlds, what you tryna do
You should've never spared me, you been listening to Betty too much, that's gonna get you buried
You had the chain of fate, well watch when I catch you again you gonna regret that amazing grace

[Verse 10: Venom (PE$O PETE)]
Villainous origin, now my morals is my topic
Used to live and hold my grudges, I said f*ck it with my problems
Hand to hand darkened plans for heroism might solve it
What's the issue, used to take pictures for issues, now I'm different
Like I'm jumping with no harness, got rid of my Carnage
Relived my humanity and found out where my heart went
I swear life was getting harder, all this evil harbored
Please don't get me started, man, I'm sorry, Peter Parker

[Verse 11: Magnetto (Delta Deez)]
The way that I move, it look like the Force, we need Mutants, we need more
All these humans way too soft, why they booing like I'm wrong
Man, that boy X just be talking, he don't run none he can't walk
They gone treat me like a martyr like I'm Jesus on the cross, ay
Tell me if they want static, I throw sky scrapers and hasbeens
Nothing you do matters, dawg, I am the law of attraction
They can think they hold weight, I lift city buses and State houses
Helmet on my head, so that Professor X can stay out it on god

[Verse 12: Thanos (Mega Ran)]
The hardest choices require the strongest wills
My desire was to build, I never wanted to kill
But I will shred the universe right down to its last atom
And let any creature who doubted me hear me laugh at em
I'm inevitable and it's hopeless cause I don't miss, I'm the coldest
When I'm snapping like Lil John back in O six, homie don't miss
Took a shot and thought I was dead
Bad career move, ha, you should've gone for the head

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Songwriter(s): Ben Schuller, NemRaps, Meg Garner, Knox Hill, Dreaded Yasuke, Halocene, Adam Purski, Connor Quest, Kara Corvus, Slck, Peo Pete, Delta Deez, Mega Ran

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