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Came robbin gold chains to rockin gold medals
Derrick rose droppin rose petals
On these niggas
Cause they soft, swim in rose petals
Like bitches
And when I come thru
I'm coming like 8 Somalians
I'm takin all of it
And save none for the fishes
I was Rollin with the fishes
Fishin our, half pounds, quarter pounds
Dish em out
How come niggas only y'all about the sht hat they ain't around
I done came out from the mud baby I'm stained
Can u hear me out
I used to sleep on the floor inside the trap house
And now it's all plush
All blush on my pillows
Lush from the widows
Leaving my city just for the better
If I make it I might not come back ever
Leaving the shitty energy enemy
This here for my immediate family
And my niggas , get it?
My uncle coppin ‘ a house on a island
I been, plotting on how I could get an island
Eyelids closed, eyelids open
I don't hope
I just eat before I pray then I go
Go get it, f*ck a show for the low man
I'm so thru with it
Rather cop an O for the fourteen fitty
Split it with my niggas
Ridin thru the mother fkn city
Lookin for the next big lick
If we could hit it would be splended
And I'm splitting with my mother fkn Niggas
Til the end I'm sayin

Hook x2
And I can't I can't slow down
Who gon stop me, this is for the ones that got me

I make my bed , in my mistakes I lay
If I should die before I wake I praise
The lord my soul to take care my Ari
I wake I pray give thanks for all my things

Granny always said have patience and faith
A whole year later I beat the damn case
f*ck you sign to pigs the rats and snakes
This for my dogs that's locked insides the cage
Have faith have faith have faith have faith

Remember I couldn't even catch a break
End my day with shrimp steak start with pancake
My momma need a country house and lake
I need to ball like Crawford Paul and Blake
I work too hard, my wrist my whole back ache
Hate nigga can't keep up not at my rate
I take a eighth a shroom dilate iris
Then think in private how I'll break the silence
Reflect my life wipe from my eyelids
Had to grow up like a fon pirate
Gold in my mouth I'm in eatin my karats
Piss drunk trippin since young been a tyrant
Sick tryna spread my virus I got the juice, hope u catch it to
Popo cudnt catch me I'm a pro fo duckin sirens
Everyday Live darkest, but my words speak that vibrant sht
Til I'm vibin on an island wit
5 a wives child and whips shinin in
Parkin lot , the bullsht I'll be far from dawt
Move like an argonaut, head where astronauts is, with the faith that a pastor got

Hook x2
And I can't I can't slow down
Who gon stop me, this is for the ones that got me

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