Nappy U Here Lyrics

Nappy you hear me, glad that you here man
Back [?] still take it
What they give, family
Still living [?] family

Happy new year, nappy u here
We in vision and the new clear
We the center of this blue spear
And we promising,
Picture shack and [?] is you give
We bad, take it back to the plants on the front porch
To the lies with the lost of a front door
To the keys to achieve what they want most
To our dreams when you come close
Tears, red clay, red cup with the red A
Good kid quit school, then he went astray
You can learn every law that the man make
But in the end I believe you all people straight

I'm not to be here, my cup is full and raising in the atmosphere
I'm thankful for the fact that we [?] hell of an year
Yeah my baby's getting older, time be flying when you open
Like a screen door in the summer time
I'm grinding mostly focus
At the task of hands,
Survival of the fittest is the master plan
The winners keeps the spoils of war
The [?] I understand
Oh lord, not again, please don't let me fall back in the slum
I'm paranoid, I'm loosing it, I'm sleeping with the pump
Double [?] I can't give a f*ck about what you want
But let me keep it cool and let me take a couple puffs off of the blunt
Times is getting hard, industry is changing like the weather
We been killing shits [?] leather

Nappy you hear me, glad that you here man
Back [?] still take it
What they give, family
Still living [?] family

Fire couldn't kill us, water couldn't drown us
Coach used to say if you can play their fire
Thank god for Jack Daniels
When the going gets hard, go get gloves
And grab it by the handle, and handle it
Smiles don't mean us all good, on my life I've been [?]
So I witness real hood [?] really do it
And let them record it
So you can youtube it, [?] no you're not me
And I can care a little and give a damn a lot less what you think about me
Smoke drink and you think about me
And result in the field about me

I remember like yesterday, barely had a pot to piss
Just a water melon, piece of chicken and a pot of [?]
On top of this, cheap whiskey, whatever god [?]
Looking back when it all seemed so innocent
The og's told me to cherish these good old days
So they know they was dropping jewels by the look of they face
Looking like they give everything, he could have took my place
Took a last look to his whiskey, took it to the face
The one that end on they cap [?] chase
So what good is the trap if cats can't escape?
Life's a book written in ink that you can't erase
Lord don't let this all be a beautiful waste

Back [?] still take it
What they give, family
Still living [?] family

It's a small world, watch what you do
Can't argue with a fool man the young cats is [?]
Like it ain't no thang
Better watch what you're smiling with
Cause they don't play no games like hotel tv's
With that block on the cable cord,
But killing your people don't make it hard
Just real, rest in peace, Nate Dog, one day you're here
Then the next day you're gone, do [?] at the crib
Didn't get the chance to tell him how you feel
But that's just how it is
Gotta live with the guilt
I know it's hard to get over,
But you must get do it, one way or the other
That's life, every day we deal with something new
Never getting too comfortable, stay on alert
Keep my guard up high, cause tomorrow I ain't promised every day on this earth.

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Songwriter(s): v. tisdale
Record Label(s): 2011 Nappy Roots
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