The Nature
Napoleon Da Legend


The Nature Lyrics (feat. Deepak Chopra)

[Deepak Chopra]
Intention on the fertile ground of attention
Has infinite organizing power. As long as you do not violate the other
Laws of nature, through your intent you can literally command
The laws of nature to fulfill your dreams and desires

[Verse1: Napoleon Da Legend]
With the intent to be an MC that'll touch souls
Up close and personal dialogue with the upmost
Never sell myself short like Mugsy Bogues in Baltimore
I got the vision the universe provides enough support
Took crazy steps outside the box no safety net
Faced death with an open door policy like H&M
Our intuition is the greatest gem trees grow
That's their nature I might as well just take a page from them

[Deepak Chopra]
Cars and houses and bank notes and clothes and airplanes:
These are symbols. Chasing symbols is like settling for the map
Instead of the territory. It created anxiety anything that exists
In the physical universe can be acquired by relinquishing your attachment
To it, because with detachment there is freedom to create

[Verse2: Napoleon Da Legend]
Uh Huh detachment is tough no such thing as having too much
But it becomes a burden when what you have is a crutch
I rather gather trust in myself create and make more
Hit the pavement and score turn around explain what I saw
Diving train of thought no longer chained to what I was taught
People talk that's the same stigma Iverson fought
Rocking in Belgium then I fly to New York like Boris Yeltzin
Investing in the moment when I spoke I'm sure you felt it

[Deepak Chopra]
Like a river, money must keep flowing. Otherwise it begins to stagnate
To strangulate and it can no longer support life. Circulation is what keeps it
Alive and vital

[Verse3: Napoleon Da Legend]
Life is a cycle that is survival be generous with your gifts you can't measure
What it will buy you Heart attacks happen when the arteries clog
When money stops to circulate that's when the system is flawed
Imagine earth that's not spinning you breathing but not living
Drowning yourself in pity mentality of a victim
Not that not the wave you get what you give
So reinvest and never sweat it when you spending your chips
[Deepak Chopra]
Do less and accomplish more ultimately you come to the state
When you do nothing and accomplish everything
This means that there is just a faint idea
Then the manifestation of the idea comes about effortlessly
What is commonly called a miracle
Is actually an expression of the law of least effort

[Verse4: Napoleon Da Legend]
Let my moves talk Michael Jackson to the bank I moonwalk
I'm in the pool hall moving furniture in U-Hauls
New crib new walls cruising inside a 2 door
Drop the new raw relaxing while these cats do more
I let it come to me never bark loud
Move in silence renew the balance spark it when it's dark out
Can swim in peace even when the sharks out
Travel far south eating Paleo style leaving the carbs out

[Deepak Chopra]
You have a unique talent and a unique way of expressing it
There is something that you can do better than anyone else
In the whole world expressing your talents to fulfill needs
Creates unlimited wealth and abundance

[Verse5: Napoleon Da Legend]
AZ in Doe or Die I'm Rather Unique
Rather teach you how to fish cause I rather you eat
Allow my soul to drive the car and take the passenger seat
I'm the only one to occupy the space that I'm in
You can copy the bars but can never say it like him
You can't pursue your life purpose going 80%
Heart of a champion all in we playing to win

[Deepak Chopra]
Everyone has heard the expression what you sow is what you reep
Obviously if we want to create happiness in our lives
We must learn to sow the seeds of happiness
Therefore, karma implies the action of conscious choice making

[Verse6: Napoleon Da Legend]
Whichever way you look you make decision
Add up all these choices and it equals how you living
Intersections situations and plenty questions
Grew up in a city where youngins is very reckless
Hustled and schemed to put dough in my Perry Ellis
That creates karma that can infiltrate your armor
Did things at the crib that would incriminate my momma
Had to balance it out we was wilding out fly south try another route
Manage my ego and drown it out
They say that karma's a bitch karma's a snitch
It's blow your spot in time after the drama's lit

[Deepak Chopra]
When you discover your essential nature and know who you really are
In that knowing itself is the ability to fulfill any dream you have

[Verse7: Napoleon Da Legend]
K.O.S Knowledge of Self
To manifest your full potential is to honor yourself
The law is universal you can never murder the truth
Kick in the door show the world the best version of you
My ego scarred when I was reaching for the stars
Speak from the heart before you know it
You'll be seeing Po peaking the charts
Beacon of light in the dark know what it's like to feel defeated
Taking dirt naps and then repeat it
We all got the mind of a genius in our genetics
It's all connected it's up to us to manifest it
Word to Napoleon Hill whatever the mind can believe and conceive
It can achieve
You can achieveā€¦

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