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Napoleon Da Legend


Shogun Lyrics

[Verse1 - Napoleon Da Legend]
Bronze liver, silver back gorilla deliver the science
Taking this frivolous civilization to Zion it's a crying shame
Crying Freeman with the aim, my diamond shines and the demons wanna change that
Flammable data, brains splatter, my grammar like a Lamborghini
Expose the truth like bikinis in a kimono, cream polo, stretch ya mind out with 4 arms like Goro
Proto-type MC u know the logo, local rhyme menace, globalize the vision
Blow 5 dimensions, old men die trying to mention, can't patronize my invention
My brain jolts Usain Bolt i make dough when I lace flow with the fresh like a day old new born
Blue energy sword, my soul caliber, son didn't budge so I had to grab the Excalibur
Knock down chicks on ya calendar, Highlander, knock ya head off I still live
Fly phantom, immortal, quasi-modo, my logic and moral, knowledge like C3PO
Del Toro Benicio, YouTube and Vimeo see me though, cliches get thrown out the window
The wind blows my direction, where's ya dad son?
Come follow me to Zion, now wave the flag

[Hook - Napoleon Da Legend]
Yo you thought it was a joke sun, I give Jewelz to my broke suns, call me Shogun
This is no stunt, strictly for my closes ones, bottom of my soul where it flow from

[Verse2 - Napoleon Da Legend]
Shh! Quiet when an ill man talk, I can heal a man on a wheel chair and make an ill man walk
The neurologist, world renown 7D Canon vivid lyricist, with the words I'm a photographer
Product of pain, prodigal sun who overcame, diabolical games from every molecule and DNA strain
While you chasin VMA fame underneath that facade I can see a great shame
Blade change, signature move, lesson 24 Pharaoh-Gamo techniques
Death comes in threes, so let's be perfectly honest
I'm just birth and spawning the sound that'll hit the earth like a comet and hit the ground
Mushroom clouds bum rush through the crowd, banging on tables, lunchroom style, seen my eyebrows focus
Maneuver through the wild vultures Voltron high voltage like Gohan second transformation
Super Sayan 2 saying the truth, what I say I do unlike most these lame dudes
Phosphorous this is brain food to be prosperous must remain true
Shogun assassin say it ain't true, the street philosopher we ain't walking in the same shoe

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