Sideline Lyrics

[Rap: Evonne]
I Hit The Club On Them Wheels
So They See Im A Rider
Little Bit Of Fendi
Little Bit Of Escada
Dudes Flashin They Cash
I Tell Them Dont Bother
Cuz You Are Now Rockin With A Baller
Miss Shot Caller
I Do's It How I Do's It
High Class Walk In My Jimmy Cho Shoes's
I Move How I Moves It
I Gotta Uhaul-It
Dudes Try To Choose Me
They Gotta Be Bossin

[Verse 1: Elizabeth]
I've Got First Dibs On
Im Standing By The Wall
Lookin Like, "T.I.? Who's That?"
All I Know Is I Cant Stop Checking Him
I Need To Calm Down And Relax
Im Lookin Sexy And I Know
Knockin Out My Opponents
Hair Done, Nails-Toes All Match
I Should Move A Little Closer
Maybe Tap Him On The Shoulder
Gotta Make My Move Real Fast

[Chorus x2: Both]
Hes On The Sidline Girl And Im Checking Him
Imma Holla In A Minute, See If He Got A Friend
And Imma Keep My Game Tight, Show Him I Got It
I'ma Spit That Real Talk, Believe It

[Verse 2:]
D-Dj's Rockin The House
Playin My New Song
And I Wanna Hit The Floor And Dance
So I Grab Him By The Hand
Wink My Eye At Him
He Tells His Boys He'll Be Right Back
As We're Moving To The Floor
One Things For Sure
He's Fallin Into My Trap
He Better Watch Out
Cuz I'm Feelin Him
And He Might Just Met His Match

(Whats That?)
I Feel This Dude And I Think He's Feelin Me
(Now Whos That?)
This Other Chick, She Tryna Be All In The Scene
(Watch Out)
She Tryna Get Him, But He Leavin Here Wit Me
See He's Bout To Be Mine, Believe It

[Chorus x2]

[Rap: Evonne]
My Girls Whisperin In My Ear
Like "Shawty, He's A Cutie"
He's Checkin My Walk Out
Its Meaner Than Judge Judy
He's Throwin Me Ice Grills
I See That He Wants Me
And Im Doin The Damn Thing
He Sees That Im No Groupie
But Still He Gonna Walk Up Wit The Boys Like
I Got The Type Of Swagger All The Boys Like
And Now Im Tryina See Wat 'ol Boys Like
Because Tonight You Leavin Wit Cha Girl
Cuz These Are The Mommas
Too Premadonna
Why Would You Wanna Leave Wit One Of These Bench Riders
Mr Sideliner, Im In The Game
So How Would You Like To Start Wit The Top Five-Ers
Yea Boy I Got Ya
Oh Yea I Got A Couple Friends
So If You Got Friends
We Could Hit The Stretch Benz
I Got You In The Game
So Now U Bout To See
Exactly How It Feels
To Play Wit A Major League

[Chorus x2]

He's On The Sideline But, He's Leavin Wit Me
He's On The Sideline But, He's Leavin Wit Me
He's On The Sideline But, He's Leavin Wit Me
Cuz I Spit That Real Talk, He's Leavin Wit Me

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