Scarlet Letters Lyrics

The heart is beating but the soul has died
The body's breathing beneath catatonic eyes
The blood is flowing, set it free for demise
I've lost my balance, but god knows I've tried
I don't wanna be here anymore in scarlet letters
Carved into what once was me
Once was yours no more (no more)

An uphill battle I failed to climb
I left it all now and I don't mind
Betrayed and broken consumed by the lies
Farewell to you all, I'll be fine. Goodbye.

I don't wanna be here anymore in scarlet letters
Carved into what once was me
Once was yours no more
I don't wanna be here anymore the scarlet letter
Torn in two, a piece of me, the peace in you no more

Do you believe in loss?
Do you believe in faith?
Do you believe in death?
Now that I'm gone
Forsaken me, ashes to dust just let me lie
Lay me to rest, I've done my best but lost my sight
Turning my back, leave me alone let spirit rise
Knives in my back, all hope is lost
Say goodbye

I don't wanna be here anymore in Scarlet Letters
Got to do, what once was me, once was yours, no more
I dont want to be here anymore, I dont wanna be
here anymore the scarlet letters
Carved into what once was me, once was yours no more.

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Songwriter(s): Ryan Martinie, Matthew Mcdonough, Chad L. Gray, Greg Tribbett
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Meaning to "Scarlet Letters" song lyrics (10 meanings)
BRKN HARD WRKN ANGEL 06/13/12,15:16

luv ths song gtit aftr sorrentos mst wntd did what m bby grl luvr n song writin trash bne country music WMNhd yrs of srtd mus clctn so knw m dnt mov on u got all of ME BBY GRL?whn listen u r the reaso
hog 11/29/11,23:52

Guns n Roses was and is nothing more than a cover band. Axel is a dueche. Metallica did sell out yet bought back in with Death Magnetic. Mudvayne is still growing it's all about substance in the music
hater 01/30/11,20:26

what once used to be a good song..but after listneing to my drunk bf sing this song for the past 2 frickin hours...i want to kill mudvayne for ever making it....i need more powerful headphones
andy 11/11/10,08:27

the comments are supposed to be about the song. not comparing them to an older rock band. its a good song that makes me wanna smash people
BILLYBOB 05/22/10,09:40

Awesome song! It has an awesome connection with the movie! Too bad a lot of parents are so pathetic these days that they put themselves before their children.
MAVZ 04/01/10,15:51

guns n roses are good..but when they first came out...mudvayne is a awesome band of today...guns n roses was when are parents were our age
xXbLackFridAy 01/26/10,23:27

no way guns n roses compares especially with there new stuff it isnt the same and dont ever say metallica only in for money thats metal blasphemy. Mudvayne is one of the better metal bands out today
oogie boogie 01/13/10,23:19

well i love all of mudvaynes songs cept for this one an if u were a real metalist then u would know fo sure that this isnt good enough to be mudvaynes material
MetalMan 01/13/10,15:47

How can you compare bands like that? Metallica is in it for the money, Mudvayne is going through a growth process. Nothing is wrong with expanding your sound, as long as you are still into the music.
oogie boogie 01/10/10,23:53

diz song suxs mudvayne is alot harder then diz slow song there startin to go down hill juz like metallica
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