Who Be The Bad Mutha Lyrics

[Chorus: Mr. Lil One]
Now who be the bad mothaf**ka
Lil One, comin in stalkin
Now who be the bad mothaf**ka
Lil One, still shit talkin

[Mr. Lil One]
I've been f**kin up faces
Blowin up places
Enemies hate this
See that can't take this
Irrogant musical devil
Leave your deniro
Leave em all shakin
Valuables taken
See you got took by Satin
And I bet, that your thoughts full of anger
Petty gang banger nickel bag slanger
See you can't touch this
Let alone hush this
Speak what I seek
I've never been weak
See my life's all you need
Like a f**kin antique
Hoes that ignored me
Now they look for me
Say they've been horny
You wanna ride pony
While you fool's at home by the phone
Just sittin there stupid
Lookin like cupid
And she's out roamin
Lickin and moanin
Dirty ole dog
And she want's a big bone
And see the bitch callin
She the bitch crawlin
Strap with a trust
And she thinks I'm a fallin
So I laugh and kickin her ass
For the drama
I only got love for my baby's momma


[Mr. Lil One]
Now the bad one
Comin in while you demand em
Fatal like a magnum
I never was able to understand em
Ready to settle the score
With the man
That'll give em all a hole in their middle
Now who be the son of a gun
That'll be havin em all on the run, damn
Talk this shit cause I can
And, those that are tempted to diss me
Shot those clips but you missed me
Now this eclips be blockin out day light
Leavin on slightly
Even noon lookin like it's really midnight
Bust this nut to your forhead
Blast you the dead way
f**k what they all say
Leave that ass marked
Like if it was Ash Wednesday
Don't say f**k this
Do my won justice
Do you really think I'ma sit here and trust this
Fool in a robe that'll wanna put my ass on hold
Serve me a bid and reprimand me
f**k that shit that this punk mothaf**ka wanna hand me
A fool tried to brake me
So I took him
If you would of broke me
I would of broke him


[Mr. Lil One]
Well I'm back to inform ya
Better set warn ya
Slip and stick these double horns on ya
Send you away on a perminant stay
Disobey me your life's what you pay me
You gave me the shoulder
You posionous cobra
I told ya, now that I'm older
My blood's much colder
Remember, back growin up
Hood throwin up
Never thought me blowin up
Goin up would ever be a factor
Now you're and actor
readin them chapters
Story book gangsta
How could you fake this,
Premeditate this
Take this
Here's what you fade this
Thoughts of a dead man
What have you been thinkin
Weak in the mind
Can't find what you seekin
Deal with your crisis
Let my dick slice this
Then commit sin to skin
Now I grin


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