Let The Man Lyrics

[Intro x3]
"Just freak that"
"Just freak that"
"Just freak that..yeah like that"

[Verse 1: Mr. Dong]
I guess some brother is back again with some fat-ass
In search of the ends and the fat-ass skins
The trends I ain't with see I'm on my own shit
I'm an innovator and not an imitator
A perpretator of some slick-ass lyrics
A motivator of fly dips on they hips, hah
How much greater than your average emcee
And like Whodini said: It all comes down to the money
It's all real, so a brother can't slip
And if I slip don't trip somebody's catchin' the hot
Cause I flip the script, something quick
And if you tryin' to take g's off than I'ma squeeze off
And if you coward ass dip in some wood, yeah
Cause where I'm at it's all good, check it
Yo, I advise you not to f**k with my money
Dummy, see I'm the motherf**kin' man

[Hook x3]
"Just freak that"
"Just freak that..yeah like that"
"So let the man, the man"

[Verse 2: Mr. Dong]
And now I'm bouncin' off the block showin' love to my
Cause money where I'm at it ain't no joke
Brothers fallin' off on the daily
And if you slip kids is lookin' at you crazy
And yo them honeys lookin' for the fat men with money
To make they cloudy days sunny, hah
But now, see I see behind that sketch
Money I get with the honeys with they own checks
And then I school 'em, no need to rule 'em
I show 'em mad skills, give 'em something they can feel
I put chills on they back when I'm comin'
I'm make 'em feel like 200% wanted
Ain't that something, yeah fly indeed
'tend to suck it up like it's Thai weed
And if you hit it too hard you'll be chokin'
I fill it like the club and have that ass wide open
I'm the man

[Hook x3]

"Go rock that" [x4]

[Verse 3: Mr. Dong]
I heard some brothers from the click say the game was
So I bounce on the scene with the afro pick, heh
So I can get shit fluffy
They say rhyme pays so nowadays I'm livin' lovely
I'm puttin' moods in the inner city streets
With clever type rhymes and these smooth-ass beats,
I do this shit frequently
I spread cool vibes through the frequency
I got peoples in New York and brothers in LA
And folks in Detroit know throughout the Bay
Brothers that's flossin' know the deal, hah
Like the Guru said they want some Mass Appeal
But I chill and let my lyrics expand
And let these kids know that I'm the motherf**king man
I chill and let my lyrics expand
And let these kids know that I'm the motherf**king man

[Hook: till fade]

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