MR. 3-2

We Creep Lyrics

[Chorus: Billy Cook]
We Creep real slow through the southside
poured up with purple love when we ride
goin, gettin cash all day while sippin
flossin with a broad on 'vard we flippin...We Creep

Po'ed up real muddy to the rim of my cup
of that purple love I just can't get enough
plus I gotta dime yella sittin on my leather
doin what I tell her 'cause I'm a pimp tight fella
flippin through the south while it's sunny and bright
checkin out the sights but I'm f**kin tonight
that's what she like, no need for playin around
so I po'ed us a six ain't no need for the wine
it goes down baby girl gon'ahead relax
while the swangers turn and the beatin in the back
Fat Mack Domino tatted on her thigh
telling me all her problems as we flip and get high
pass by the hotel for a quick big stop
about one or two hours get up in that cock
it don't stop until a nigga get a business call
keep her number in my phone so we can always ball


We can ball all night until the sun come up
tell ya nigga a lie so I can pick ya ass up
whassup yeah I knew you'se a jazzy chick
but I'm on a time schedule-got cash to get
hook up right quick sip on some skeet chase
chop game a minute then go back to ya place
for grown folk fun and I know ya with it
from the back I hit it and you never gon'forget it
sit it on my lap and I'm a make it clap
you remind me of a 'Lac how you ride it like that
a mack like myself do plenty of you broads
but I give you yo'card mama you go hard
on 'vard and I never leave her all alone
got me leanin and lazy just straight wanna bone
in the zone stay gone with a top knotch lady
eligible bachelor without no babies


I like 'em short bow legged with they own bread
a freak in the bed, and known to turn heads
red, sugar brown, or sweet lil'blacks
looking throwed from the back and she know how to act
I'm a mack type nigga when it come to broads
like 'em fast, like 'em slow just like my cars
on 'vard mind gone, body feelin at ease
go hard all night and she ain't no tease
us G's like to knock down everyday
go scoop up a broad start up four play
on the way to my pad with a grown lady
she throwin caps at me talkin bout she want babies
but lately I been stickin and movin in the mix
a whole lot of chicks wanna be my miss
but I'm playin the game like it oughta be played
straight [swavy?]pimpin have it my way


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