Royal Blu Lyrics

[Intro: Scuare]
My favorite color is, blu
Win the world series, but the-, lose
Need a name change guess-, do. Do

[Hook: Scuare]
My favorite color is, (Royal) blu
Win the world series, but the, (Royal) lose
Need a name change guess, (Royal) do. Do

[Verse 1: Scuare]
She telling me, that she need some
Smooth melody, let it be done
Get the better weed then, get ahead of reason
Bet she'll never forget about what develops, we've been

To controlled in this music, soul, if the truth be told
Then I got it (got it). She used to all of this, stupid politics. I prefer to be honest (honest), never really rap about the chronic. (f*ck it) Imma get up on it, til I'm fallin
(Something) Holdin us together, I don't know if I could never be the one for you forever? But I promise- (love is)
Not the thing that you needed
(We been) Locked away for the weekend
Begin, Contemplatin' not complicatin' our thoughts, by making this frequent
Just do, and let it go, on to new incredible
Thoughts not forsaking this secret, Peakin
At the right time, speaking with a like mind, keep on debating this evening
Even back when I didn't have a notion of rap
On track to developing the dopest attack
When less interesting pests, tend to test me, guess I'll invest in whats left of the best things


I don't even know, no. You don't even know-

This not my regular flow-

I don't want to do this, stupid f*ckin' flow-
Well I don't wanna know-

I don't even know though-


I don't want to do this, stupid f*ckin' flow-


[Verse 2: Scuare]
Only give a f*ck about the things that never matter
I just get up on a pattern
Beat it up, until it's battered
Seen enough meaningless chatter
Ending up leading to sadness
Having a feeling it adds up, but I-don't-know
Nothing been happening to them
The feelings that I've been exuding
The feelings that gotten me on the beat
And been stopping me from believing , that I could be tuned in
Too many minutes, get too little use
I assume, I already let too many loose
Any news that I get, any truth I didn't choose
Doesn't really matter, no room for excuse
Still feeling incompetent, keep on dealing with all of it
In repeated defeated, receive the key to be solving it. (Yeah)
I'm sick of these shitty decisions. I see what our city needs in it
Y'all just buy crowds, play the same shows
Some new songs, with the same flows
I guess it's for the love, if you say so
Then, why the f*ck you rap about the bankroll
Why the f*ck you rhyming bout the diamonds when in private you confide that you can't even afford to buy shit
Or provide the type of life that you thinking about
When you writin, it's time quit hiding behind it
Its time to get out of your mindset
Its time to Just-let-go-

[Pre Chorus]

[Hook] X4

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Record Label(s): 2016 Exordium Music

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