Ice Lyrics


Ice on my wrist girl we cool (ice)×8

Verse 1 (Moagi)

p*ssy so wet that I might just get sea sick (aye)
I gotta get it (aye)
I get the money then flip it (aye yeah)
Who gotta get it (aye)
Niggers pushing, I just push start
Ain't it a b*itch when I pull up
Never ever had money aye
But I blew up like a bitch(yeah)
And I blew up really quick(aye)
And I'm fxcking on ur bitch(yeah)
Niggers see me blowing, now they acting funny, now they all up in my clique (aye yeah)
But I be humble as fxck (aye)
Life is bitch and she holding a grudge
Life is a bitch, she a thot..
Watch how I flex and I turn to a dog Aye!!


Ice on my wrist girl we cool (ice)×8

Verse 2 (Xemini)

Diamond necklace kinda icy
White bitch on me she enticing
All of my niggas gone blow up
Couple bottles nigga pour up
f*cking reaping what I sewed up
You ain't in my circle I done glowed up
Ice on my neck got me cool
All of my pieces are noose aye
I f*cking just stepped in the booth
Sub zero my wrist and jewels
I might just touch on your boo
Come mess with my clique and my vool

Diamonds dancing they from Africa
Hope this money just keep adding up
Humble nigga but don't test me Bruh
In the tropics and it's icy Bruh

Kitty wetter than a harbor
I might dive up in her ocean aye
Rings aren't drippy might be frozen

I like my wrist loose
I got gravy I don't need juice
Running this track with no lane ou
No Cardi B but my money moves

Ice on my wrist girl we cool (Ice)×8

Verse 3 (Moagi)

You do not fxck with me
I do not fxvk with you
You got a verse for me?
Well I got a verse for you!!
Diamonds be dripping that shit make you sea sick aye
This ain't no remix aye
I get the money then spend it like nothing
I got your girl and she singing aye
This is just a liitle snack (ohh)
Just before the album drop (ohh)
You in my way better move (move)
I finna get me a coupe (coupe)
Ice on my wrist girl we cool (cool)×2
(Ice on my wrist girl we cool aye
Ice on my wrist girl we cool yeah)

Verse 4 (Moagi and Xemini)

All my niggers finna blow up
All my niggers then glowed up
Nobody there when I show up
Neck is frozen got me choked you


No change I got hunnids
Nigga my flows are flowing like a summit
Chains bedazzled they rattle like a morshpit
Dead or alive I hang around the morbid

Ice ice cold
Addicted they became my vices
I like to f*ck with the spouses
Morena caliente like spices
Portuguese papi to sabes
I'm ràpido ràpido mami

That shawty murder my meat
Shout out to your girl she my bae too
I wanna skirrrrt in a grey coupe
All of my niggas are straight cool

The girl that you cuffing keep blowing my phone
She want my dick and she wont take a no
Tried to commit, but I know I'm a hoe
No I won't lie!
Seven different hoes I'm rolling a dice..

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