Love Confession Lyrics

- Hey Amanda, I got somethin to tell u homegurl
- Oh yeah? what's that?
- I think I'm falling in love
- Whaaat? my homegurl don't fall in love
- Naw I'm serious
- So what's so special about this guy? haha describe him to me
- Haha well let me tell u

He's a handsome young man but a straight up G
Intelligent to the fullest, he attracted me
I'm not easy da please, but he caught my eye
From the first time I saw him, I can't deny
That he looked so good so fresh and so hood
Cachi baige pants with creases that stood
And white tshirt, he's so confident
He was heaven sent, he became my friend
The more I got to know him, the more that I liked him
He's cocky like me, nothin excites him
He don't settle for less, he's one of a kind
Good qualities in a man, is hard to find
The way he carries himself, and the way that he walks
He'll make u fall in love by the way that he talks
Sexy lil smile with some big brown eyes
He definetly stands out from the rest of the guys

- Damn like that? I didn't' think it was possible knowing your lil hard ass
- Haha shut up fool jus tappin
- So does he know about the way u feel?
- I think? we're attracted to each other but, we never talk about it
- So what's the hold up then?
- I donno, I guess I'm afraid to like, mess up our friendship and jus rush into things

We get along so good it's so hard to believe
When we spend time he don't want me da leave
I keep him company I'm always by his side
On the days we don't kick we we jus talk all nite
He tells me how he feels and how his day was spent
The goods and the bads and the places he went
I don't quesiton his business, he tells me on his own
All the girls that he has on his cellular phone
They don't mean a thing, no more than a fling
I wouldn't want him to feel that way about me
That's why I hesitate, about lettin him know
About the way that I feel, I place it on hold
I don't want it to ruin, our friendship and love
He means alot to me, he became my drug
I don't expose it out there, and neither does he
We both are hard headed, and love to run free

- You really care about this guy don't u? I think u should jus tell him
- Oh shoot my phone, can u get that please? jus take a message
- Yeah don't even trip
- Damn, this bitch got me thinking, haha
- So wha'ts up?
- Oh yeah
- So wha would u tell him if he comfronted u?
- Damn, on the real, I'd be like

Check this out babyboy I got a feeling to confess
Your different from the rest makes me feel blessed
The way I feel about u is way too real
I'm even suprised about the way that I feel
We been kickin it for a minute, but just as friends
Something grew up out me hope it never ends
All this time that we spent, u never bore me
U make me feel secure, and never lonely
U give my guidance and support, everytime that I need it
Appreciate u much, I'm not blind to see it
When u hold me tite, it feels so damn rite
Confirmed it wid a kiss we had the other nite
We stared at each other, all hypnotized
At the same moment, I was lost in your eyes
U tell me that I'm special I think the same about u
U keep it real with me, I'll keep it real with u

- Oh yeah? so that's what you would tell him huh?
Hahaha, your going to be mad at me but, u just did
- Whatchu mean?
- U know when your phone rang? well, it was him and he jus heard everything u said
- Scandlas! no wonder u had a smile on your face u bitch!
- Hahaha yeah watch, u can thank me later
- Aww gimme my phone...
Hello? yup, it's all good, hahahaha
Well there goes my love confession.

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Record Label(s): 2007 Hi Power Entertainment
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