Deal With A Feeling


Deal With A Feeling Lyrics

Uh huh
Yeah ma Con-stant-tine
Know what I mean
That's how we do
Me and Show get together
You gotta deal with that B
Know what I mean

Time and again I see I gotta vomit on men
Cause it don't really seem that they acknowledge these gems
Give me seven days I write a whole ablum to press
Bet your thou(sand) on me and triple the amount that you spend
Fear us with a fountain pen take the feather an dip
Unless I'm out on the strip volcano leverage is Cris'
Mo(et) in the club bag me a roni and breeze
And if you hungry ma my timbs is macaroni and cheese
You know it's me Lan
The same old Arican cat
Got to thank my pops cause he on to still having his stacks
Pimped in and out of state shit he ???? that
I'm conning whitey out that cake down on Madison Ave
Now if you ain't copped my tape I should embarass your ass
Niggaz who copped the bootleg their fam cracked them in half
Like I didn't know it was Constantine
You better pardon the chief
Cause even worse I have ???? carding your seeds
Cause I don't like you
I'm about start charging niggaz to breath
Or paying a fee on any block they walk in Manhattan
Matter fact pack your bags and flee off my planet
Cause y'all mad I'm ????? and you just can't stand it

Deal with a feeling y'all niggaz ain't real appealing
street anthem got them amped hands near the ceiling
Milano shit feel it like Saprano hits
If y'all know it y'all niggaz ain't got no ends [x2] [Milano]
I lost my patients cause niggaz done lost the basics
Of rhymes and beats that's why niggaz admiring me
My entourage twenty deep of cats dying to eat
And they all won't mind throwing the iron to your cheek
But honestly you could save all the wonders you tell
For all those you killed in your rhyme you should be under the jail
Or under survailance
Or how about under arraignment
Cause when some real niggaz find you you'll be under the pavement
Or under some acres
Listen son I'm done with the favours
Cause next time they come and get you they going to run to your neighbours
I'm just a smooth criminal looking mean with the gators
Me getting locked I hit the judge off and wink at the bailiff
A week later catch me wet silly and wet willies
Mommy let me catch sex feelings while she blessing the philly
That really mean nothing to me unless you stuffing the key
Run it to DC and have them numbing the fiends
It's trouble when the D's come you still bubblling cheese
How you think we bubblin Zs looking snuggly means
As long as I recoup my buzz and double the fee
It's all the proof your love is here
You f*cking with me

[Hook x2]

Stepped in the door
Long mink draggin' the floor
Constantine the man you want a part of your squad
You gotta deal with this Arican cat matter of fact
Shit's looped
The new chief in the game and that's that

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