Entourage Flow Lyrics

Do you know what it takes to make something of yourself
I mean, come on
I worked a job through college and grad school
That is what he's willing to put in for his own success
He's paying his own dues, when have you paid yours?
Can you execute it?
In this life, no one is going to invest
Because you think you can

I think I'm Vinnie Chase,
My brother he in drama
Took over the game, now it ain't a problem
This that entourage flow, on our way to start them
Getting entourage dose, you will... karmas
I think I'm Vinnie Chase, with my nigga turtle
Bounce back, jumped over another hurdle
This that entourage flow, you never heard though
On fire my nigga and we burn, burn, slow, slow

Hey yo E, them... on the phone man
We got some deals we gotta close
Where this nigga at?
Time is money man, let's go

Ah, heaven enter my... I need to see a place
Deals on the table got a nigga feeling great
Got a new whip, the old one need a brake
Drive through my old hood just to see they face
On the verge of being broke, though we've been this way
So we live like it's our last every single day
My nigga E handle all the bizness mate
Turtles slow, but it's car show who win the race
I need a new job, I've got bills to pay
Been through hell and back you can feel my pain
Stay grinding, even on the wills of fate
Realest niggas out here, and all my niggas feel the same
Good only karma, hard as Dalai Lama
I'm the real deal, all y'all niggas Johhny Dramas
Been around the world places that you hardly know
Got a call on line 1, I think it's sorry go
Hold, yo... what the f**k now? Who this?
It's your boy Saigon
Heard you on that entourage shit
Man I come get a piece of that back

You know Becky's a hollow when you a Jerry Ferrara
On sunset boulevard in the Chevy Impala
I take them to this other ranch then we head to my casa
Cause in the end I know that it's gonna worth every dollar
For my protection I just roll with this heavy revolver
Worry bout nada, I got faith in my heavenly father
I must survive in this hot as a pot of lava
Could never sense I slip my cd in that Maserata
Oops, I mean that Maseratti,
I got in a lot of party, see you with Marty Martin
They treat you like you somebody
Acting is just a hobby, Hollywood is just beside me
I just slide with a hotty that's probably on a molly
I party with Kevin Conelly, Kevin Dylan
Jeremy Pivon, Adrian Grenae
Yeah my celebrity's sibling
You just some... when they play you on the radio
But even more when your face's been on the HBO

No one yet, what?
Woke you up this time, heh?
No, but you did wake my wife and kids dickhead
Vinnie better be sitting in prison with a d wire or something is it
Then what the f**k do you want cunt muscle
I'm sorry bout the family, alright
That's Monday morning
We have the number one movie, officially
You promised us offers
There will be offers
Be in my office at 11:30 and you'll hear all about them

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