Shipwrecked On Columbus Day Lyrics

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Untutored dreams wake to the alarm clock mentor, the moon lingers in
the morning sky like a ghost on trial, like an assumed innocent that is
guilty all the while. He feels the labor of the wheels thru a landscape
perpetual winter, that brooding moon haunts the face of every
direction, he stares into it with an abstract affection. This surreal scene
mutates into a realism grotesque, sobering spectacle and caffeine
slowly rouse the sleepy rage, the heavens in audience to the new
worlds tragic stage. Every day’s slow burden a casually epic conquest,
sidewalk extras; jackhammer applause urge the bottomless
commotion, he assumes his duties with a heretics devotion. Absolved
with a paycheck and your made in the USA, shipwrecked on Columbus
day. All the fury of creation shapes his fist of destruction, sometimes
the walls just look like they want to come down, but this isotonic
friction just builds the muscles of this town. Hells shadow is raw
material in the paradise of production, he sees the snake quit the den
of Eden’s creditors, they invest there capital in bigger and better
predators. He makes his route by the woes and wonder shocked, his
troubled pulse keeps time with the traffic lights, red yellow and green
the engines only rights. Sidewalk shoppers with TV eyes; the windows
wonder stocked, a truck with a poster; have you seen me; he knows he
has some place, the reflection in the windshield superimposes his face.
Dying by the book but the ambulance is on the way, shipwrecked on
Columbus day. Asleep at the wheel dreaming that he’s going
somewhere, can’t begin to face the hideous fact that he’s already
there, his thoughts an oasis to this barren dreamed out desert, alive
with the tease; the motored bodies of the f*** flirt, every nerve starved
vision embedded In the numbness of the concrete, the highways
bravado just a coast to coast dead end street, he’s just another jilted
passenger with a longing so vivid it’s fragile, decomposition of the will
goes unnoticed; it’s so gradual, the story on every strangers tongue
reads like a ghost written cliche, different version different description
of the one that got away, and change is dragged like an anchor by a
one joke judge and a laugh track jury, the laws of futility renegotiate
the fury, he feels like a victim with no killers face to accuse, the first
rule of free trade slavery is learn to nourish what you abuse, he sleeps
every night dreaming the American dream just to wake to the American
nightmare, last night he was a Rodin come to life asking for directions
to nowhere. There’s no end to how lost you can be when you don’t
know the way, shipwrecked on Columbus day.

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Record Label(s): 2015 Electric Babylon Records
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