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Fire In The Booth
Mic Righteous


Fire In The Booth Lyrics

These are words of a broken man
Working a hopeless plan
Hoping the plan will work
Watching the candle burn
The hour hand turns
When will we have our turn
I wish you had a heart

How desperate does somebody have to be to have you help him?
Since when has anyone got anywhere from acting selfish?
I stay alone at night wonder why I ain't rolling right
Snakes try convince me my friends are tryna control my life
That's a load of hype I chose to mic the stage and name Righteous
Write it on the page along with the date
I wouldn't say it's not a game
It's the biggest game that's full of snakes
And little fakes that get my face but nothing comes on dinner plates
So still I pray, still I stay down with the same pals that I've been from
Big mistake tried to run didn't get away
Trick move especially after everything that we've been through
The world shares different views, big...
Window, bars, intro, instro, task
Why am I the one that gets the info last?
After all this... then I take a big o blast
Cause this no bar, listen

Searching for value happiness hurts
Kelsey what happened to her
Like so many of us trapped in the dirt
The passions of curse, we all say we had it the worst
Yeah you had it bad, least you ain't in the back of that hearse
That's when it's done, I reach for the speaker capture your love
We trapped in the slum, look what the manor has done to us
But has the undercut become another number
Stop judging us, I got love for everyone of ya
We denied that we can only advance
And those that think they can't are lost in their art
Mind lost in their heart, body lost in their mind
So go back to the start, back to the passion the past
You are not gonna find the man that you are
If you cower in the face of the challenge travel your path
I ain't tryna rap for a car or rap for a gun
Or rap for a gyal that's gonna max out my cards
See me, I rap for the man that hasn't got guns
Infact hasn't got anything that anything you spat in that bar
That's why I spat in your face cause you was flashing your papes
You see my mandem are real and your mandem are Drakes
Straight, in other word fakes
You think I'm a turn 8th of this game, keep your deal
You're too gay I'm too straight just to appeal to the women
I believe if you're real, they'll just feel what you're spitting
It's an evil world we live in, our children are in it
That's why your children are loose, that's why your children are missing
All you've got is dirty dishes and bills in the kitchen
It's real when you've seen it, I feel like I'm slipping up
Never dissing my...
Are you questioning am I real enough, maybe I've over-did it
Is it I ain't did enough?
I don't want my real fans to look at me in disgust and discuss about me
"Why is he always tryna make a number one? " It's a must.
But this ain't changing me, I still have the same beliefs
I can scream free Palestine for my pride still pray for peace
Still burn the feds for the brutality they've spread over the world
Pakistan's an ocean, bodies in the brown water floating still nobody helps
I have to take a hold of myself cause right now I feel to bang my head
Against this flipping desk
They want my commercial side, trust me this ain't one of them
Sorry if I messed up, yo I just want your love again
Cause this is 'bout as real as I'm a get
You the ones that represent and will til there's nothing left
Once again never dissing my...
You the ones I can't forget, let me explain from start til end
When I ripped my first bar it wasn't after rep
Nah blood, I did it for expression
In the hope you can relate to my past and present
But when you haven't got a friend, mother and your father's left
All you've got is words, cardboard and a friggin' Parker pen
And the love you once had at the start, starts to end
Inside you die, fam I'm like how can I provide for my family or my mandem
On some 9 til 5
That's why I try, with the one thing that I can do in this life of mine
And that is write these bars because our lives are hard
And this music is our light in the dark, I'm tryna shine
So forgive me if that's wrong but for my conscious listener, this is your
Song like
Some music we make for the shelves but this music dawg we make for
And this for you, from our hearts cause you know we mean it
We speak about your daily struggles cause we've lived and seen it
And that's why the mission is to act now
Axe realising that your life is real no acts wow
So while the UK's flying, I'm a jump on board
So for my avid listener, this is who I done this for

I don't wanna die without saying goodbye
So for this bar I will savour my past
Yeah, cause it may be my last
So just incase I don't make it to yard
Sorry for the pain I've caused
Give me heaven I'm afraid of the dark
This music is a place in my heart
Tryna answer all these bleedin' questions in life
Leave me guessing like a game of charades, check

It would be wrong for me to pray to Allah
I shouldn't really be putting his name in this bar
You can't abide by Islam and get raised by the dogs, ruff
And it was either take it or starve yeah
But they were my dark days, abandoned by my family left in Margate
Whatever your art, express your heartache
And I'm with you all the way unless you can't change
What good is being laughed at when you're grafting
Look on the palms of my hands, that's 'ard skin
Juggling with life, I'm trying not to drop the balls
Think I'm a fool for your tricks?
Not a fool, wasn't fit, not a tool, not a kid, not at all, not a bit
And at school I wasn't ish
So I bunked off, jumped over the boo
I wasn't missed, just misunderstood
If I could take it all back, I'd say "Miss, burn your books! "
Cause there ain't nothing you can teach man
I'll shut this ish down, dreamland
All I give a uck about is me rap with... and every single fan that we have
We have to hit the lab, now the hits are in the bag
When it finally hits the streets, feel free to leave your feedback
We never left the reign, no point in saying we back
Naw, and yeah I'm fed up with these man
Straight bluffers, ones that say something but don't mean that
And bruv, this ain't about your peace fam
It's more about the fact you're never there when we need man
But who was at the gates when they freed man? Us.
I just blame me cause I let the greed lead man
Cause I gave you them things on strap, knowing you weren't in a position to
Pay me back
It's crazy currency can change the way we act
It made me arrogant, I may be mad
But I'd rather get jumped by an 18 man, than become some poor mum's baby's
Cause that right there is my worst nightmare, coming true I wouldn't know
What the uck to do
Or who to call cause that'll be the day that I lose it all
I still love you like the first time, do you recall that?
I'm the one they used to call tack
But now I'm just Mic so you can fall back
Yo, play this track at my funeral fam, it's the beauty of rap
You can kill me and even when I'm dead, I will live through the music I
I'm such a musical man, this ain't your usual track
Naw, it's real because it's how I feel how truthful is that?
It's real because it's how I feel, I'm truthful but blood
Naw I don't know why I did that
I writ the hook like you was in for a chick track
But this ain't about no bird and I don't care if the words aren't
Commerically acceptable
Cause that's what they expect of you, I'm 'bout to burst
Running out of nerve, of all this blood you're 'bout to bust
Turn your back on them brothers they doubting us yeah how absurd
When I was young I never understood the amount of work it took to get your
Album heard
But when you're young, you ain't so down to earth
Now I'm so down to earth, I'm below the surface
How concerned were you for me when I was eating out of bins?
I used to cherish every pound I get, now I cherish every pound I earn
And now I'm earning pounds, I learn that I've been running round in circles
Tryna figure out my worth, this world is only out to hurt you

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