Radioactive Tuna Lyrics (feat. Smoke Dza, J-Love & Thirstin Howl III)

I got you, brother ‘Lo
Two Ls in this motherf*cker

[Verse 1: Smoke DZA]
Two Ls my nigga, it's all love
Sippin slow, white cup full of mud
Niggas know Kush God got the butter
For that other thing
My nigga Doe got the plug
Young active nigga runnin from the fuzz
Shit talkin got a nigga act up
Like what they did to Joe Black wasn't enough
Hit him off his bike, he almost lost a leg, cuz
Foul ways nowadays, niggas ain't eatin
Mad cos I'm fresh to death for no reason
Harlem nigga down to the bop
I'm the epitome
Sweater's Ralph Lauren but the logo's a mystery
Respect The Fly Shit
My brotha Meyhem Lauren, two Ls we got this
(Straight up)
Smoking like Rastas
The kid's dat nice shit on your whole roster

[Verse 2: Meyhem Lauren]
Some nights I stare at the twilight 'til I be cumin
Shit y'all aspire to be, already done it
It's a fact, f*ck rap, we're living legends in the back
Tryna fight for our rightful position
A rifle con spittin, the life of precision
When dishin my wisdom or shiftin the women
We chiselin womens like ancient Egyptians
Facing evictions, dishin prescriptions
Shit's real
Welcome me back though
New York rap flow
Same frame maintain
Rockin my hat low
Shooter money in the stash
Point em out when they clap doe
That's what we call a young, black shopaholic
Hit a spot, make em drop and treat your outfit like a toilet
My life is super excellent
Peace Harry embezzlement
Keep the bezel glazed
My watch design is for the president
I come from hand to hands and moving grams that niggas measuring
We been precise and now we better then we ever been
It's Bronson and Lauren you f*cking with the best of them
Kobe beef raps get served it's never estrogen
Funny style f*ckers and fakes could never connect with him
I'm a veteran, we're trading medicine for mescaline, nigga

[Verse 3: J-Love]
Catching birds while we fly fishin
Caboose digging, rose sippin, stripper tippin
Even when I'm down I'm livin
Tight rope on Niagara Falls
Pumpin some Lou Rawls
Too short for the pitfalls
With extreme set of balls
NYPD wanna stop and frisk some ninja quick embezzlement
Ponzi scheme settlements
Crack bottles called fesh
f*ck that Drake and Chris Brown shit
Asparagus stay lit, Cheech and Chong with the bong hit
First aid in the whip
A gun with empty headed bullets
My finger on steroids, never jams when I pull it
Respect The Fly Shit
Killer wares for great whites
Deadin all the parasites they love in the pras fight

[Verse 4: Thirstin Howl III]
Ls tatted on my heart to show my love
Loyalty royalty boils the blood
Evolve or dissolve every generation
Smoke DZA with the levitation
Lauren Meyhem New York made men
The house rap built, motherf*cker pay rent
Ask for me in hell with a bucket of ice
High as a kite with bud in the pipe
Hat on my head, Polo imprint
87 setted in the Volvo bitch
Rope chains hollow real easy to pop
I'm mad stat, sneakers and watch
Radioactive mattress, tuna on the menu
Doo doo on the schedule
Buddha aughta bless you
Salute General 'Lo
The troops came back with a minimal load
Brother lord and knows before the dough
Hip hop's my bitch, why she love me for?
Cos she a nasty broad
She loop de loop with Harry Fraud

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Songwriter(s): Thirstin Howl III, J-Love, Smoke DZA, Meyhem Lauren
Record Label(s): 2016 Mey Music
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