For The Oners
Messy Marv


For The Oners Lyrics

Who gets high in this bitch is you really on
its some grapes what you smokin what you really on
Im on a eighth a quarter ounce of grapes a shot of patron and i aint even mate
They say bad when you started smokin
im up in this cousin i was born and raised in oakland
My daddys from the north kept me on to
If you from the north you was smokin on too
im feeling great im feelin fine
My og homie you just broke down a line
So what grow up little nigga
thats grown man shit you still throw up on yo liquor
I aint encouraging yall to be stoners
but this song right here is for the oners
a nigga hate chunky

Pop a pill and i got high snort up lines til my brain fry
we blow some doin it hundred always drunk and always blunted
got blunt got weed if you got it blaze it up
gotta puff puff puff on that sticky green stuff
i dont do it for the suckas but i do it for the streets
in the concrete jungle in the belly of the beast
only g call man i live by the mall
man haters gonna hate cause they doin they job
over dose the boy dont learn take a newport dip it in sherm
posted all day right here where the thugs be
crush up a pill like in my hennesy
speakers bumpin cant hear my phone
if anybody asks tell em turf on

Thizz face on and im zonin both em kicken 2 in the mornin
stoned in the mud give me henny or the remmy
i hit the liquor store and i dont spend a penny
get it limmy hit me if you hear me gather round
im up now and i aint let down and i aint playin around
cause im super smacked up double up if a nigga act up
shimmy shimmy jump shimmy down shimmy way
round to a pot thats some wizzle come to day
im a street born day all you suckas in the way
see me where they do it at rozz twizzle mayne

Sittin in the trap house waitin on the drop off
your girl in the room givin head shes a jump off
gorrila in the trunk gettin drunk cause im cutthroat
everybody know got that pure un cut coat
all the hoes teasin im refusin if the dont show
bitch im so on i get gone on a show note
waitin on a g5 pullin on the show boat
but i gotta cute peach chillin in my lewie coat
sparkin in the club what u want sell it down
but the mother f*ckin mob keep your lip you so damned up
look motha f*cker im from cali we the down plugg
look erybody crazy out here but they show us love
everybody known in the bay but they know watsup
ask em who the niggas is everybody know its us
on like shit and a motha f*cka i can trust
mothaf*ckas better give it up

like my chain and my watch shit i stay on
what else to respect my big homie b strong
southeast shit been poppin since the hour
see stars in the sky like its 4th of july
Been up all night havent been to sleep yet
couple ounces and a bong layin next to the
fridge drippin sweat like a blade in the game
paint drippin wet like its playin in the rain
yeah i do the damn thang but i dont do that
but ima put it in my life no matter where im at
if im ridin in my benz or im ridin in my lac
ima ride to the tracks just to get another sack
man i dont know if i want weed or money
keep it on deck if yah need it from me
we got a fill the load down in san da code
we aint holdin on to shit we lettin everything go

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