Break From Flatbush Lyrics

[Verse 1]
This is Church ave in the Night time
Little niggas looking for the right crime
Popo patrolling the block slow
looking for another reason to make more led fly
Leave another youth shot up shot up
No charges get brought up brought up
But if the charge is trying to take it the farthest
I plead guilty your honor honor
Bring the cuffs like winter time lock it up
Who gives a f**k wen you balling with alotta doe
Im bout to make my first milli in a few months
Hell yea im fronting but u love it though
Gotta go hit the road out of town
gone so long came back the currency looking and wild
Exchange rates kinda foul
Plus the hundred dollar bill feels like monopoly money now
But Ima still gone spend it spend it
Look at a nigga rims they spinning spinning
There I go fronting again fronting to win
Like im up yo bat for the 9th inning inning
Bases loaded speakers tweaking
Face explodes wen this emcees speaking
creeping through These cracks in the cement
Skeeting on her racks like im decent
On these tracks im a demon
You'll need Christ for the evening
Don't get offended offensive
I got line men for the defense
you peep them
My homies Scheming Scheming
Drunk and we slumped for the evening sleeping
They say success smells good
Well shit a nigha a reeking reeking
Peep it this aynt no secret
Niggas is fake ima wiki leak it
I know that u see it
I sed that I smell like success
aynt no faking the funk u betta believe it
I Need more pages in passport
More green faces what I ask for
Take the bottle to the head wats the glass for
Dead homies get it spilled on the asphalt
I just wanna to travel more While getting more shine
Been To Australia so many damn times
besides racks they got me counting frequent flier miles, ow...
When i say i been around the world I really mean it
360 round this bitch I'm the meanest
I'm dirty with the shit get the kleenex
Need Dirty head but I hope she got a clean neck

This is Flatbush in the nighttime
Bare Gun shot lighters high
Still busting with them lame ass triggers
I know you want to feel
I know you want to feel what the block like

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