Wtf I Want
Megan Thee Stallion


Wtf I Want Lyrics

(DJ Chose)

First of all, I'm from Houston
Picky bitch, I'm choosy
Feel like it - I'ma do it (Uh!)
New-new with the new shit (Muah!)
I do what the f*ck I want, when the f*ck I want (Uh!)
Bitch, don't like me all you want, run up - bet you won't (Uh!)
(Houston, we have a problem)
(Hey, yeah)
Bitch, don't like me all you want, run up - bet you don't (Uh)
(Five, four, three, two, one)
Ay, ay
Do what I want and you do what you can
That's why I'm breaking your man (Huh)

Today I woke up in my act (Huh)
Look at these bitches they whack (Ugh)
Now look at Megan - she bad (Ay)
Niggas in love with this ass (Ay)
Ride you, ride you like a beat
Want me next to you like I'm B (Huh)
College girl like Moesha (Uh)
With titties like Mia Khalifa (Woo!)
I need to run up a bag quick
I need to hit me a new lick
I told these hoes quit f*cking these tricks (Ugh)
I get that money not giving up shit!
Getting my motherf*cking money on (Yeah)
And I ain't coming if the money wrong (Nope)
Bitches hate me like I've done them wrong (What?)
Talking shit, but they ain't coming wrong
Do we have a problem bitch? (Do we?)
With your nigga, probably, bitch
You soft and I'm solid, bitch
Walk in, look like money, bitch

I do what the f*ck I want, when the f*ck I want (Ay) Bitch, don't like me all you want, run up - bet you won't
(Bet you won't)
Man, I'm on these bitches necks like a f*cking charm (f*cking charm)
Make a nigga come quick like I f*cking owe him (Ah)

Look like I belong in a pageant
Most of these bitches look like they done had it
I know I'm pretty, but shit could get ratchet
Pull up with niggas that's full of that action (Huh)
He think my hustle attractive (Uh)
Thumbin' through money romantic (Ay)
Ride on the dick how I dance (Uh)
Your bitch only f*ck on her back (Ew)
I be talking to him reckless when I'm super faded
I told that nigga, "eat this p*ssy like your mama made it" (Uh)
Sitting on your bae face, I'm the 'bae-by' sitter (Uh)
If you knew the bitch was lame, why you f*cking with her? (Uh)
I want that face like a book (Uh)
Get in your mouth like I cook (Uh)
Butt naked serving him looks (Uh)
I got the girls and they shook (Uh)
Really go harder than hoes (Uh)
Harder than some of your Bros (Uh)
She wanna be me, I know it (Uh)
He let this p*ssy control him (Uh)

Ay, ay, yeah
Young Tina Snow
Going hard on a hoe (Ah)
Ay, ay
And I'm still running through the mall with your motherf*cking Daddy (Ah, ah, ah)

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Songwriter(s): NORMAN PAYNE, Megan Thee Stallion
Record Label(s): 2018 1501 Certified Ent LLC under exclusive license to 300 Entertainment
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