How We Roll Lyrics

What is this? Maybach Music, I like this Maybach Music

[Hook: Sam Sneak x2]
It's how we roll...
Boats and hoes, money, cars and clothes
Panamera's, Ferrari's, and Royce's is how we roll
Young niggas is in control, (yup)
Real niggas will never fold

[Verse 1: Meek Mill]
Yeah! We in control nigga!

Everytime I pull up, bitches they be like whattup
Pull up I put the top down, I pull off, I put the hood up
Everything I got now I got it because I stood up
Ya'll suckas was not round made the way I was brought up
Cause I was always taught always to never fold
I bought another Roll's
I started from selling O's
Now my bank account seven O's, and there two commas on it
Riding two lamas on it, just like my pancakes, I put Aunt Jemima on it
And I'm getting higher nigga, riding with Gotti nigga
Two Phantoms an Aston Martin boy that's a Bugatti nigga
In back of the Fisker and I ain't mention the Rarri' nigga
Bitches like [?] nigga
Boats and hoes, money, cars and clothes
Panamera's, Ferrari's, and Royce's is how we roll
Soon as we hit the party it's [?] on all these hoes
We f**king all of they bitches you niggas is getting old

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2: Yo Gotti]
I'm standing on the couch like f**k life
Pussy nigga playing games he can die tonight
And we just pulled up in a million dollar [?] car
Million problems thousand guns just a couple dogs
Just a couple real niggas I can ride for
Black [?], black 40 cal, black Tahoe
Black [?] white Rolls Royce, real nigga I'm the ho's choice
Conversations with me about shit we did in the streets
How we f**ked with our dogs, how we planning to eat
[?] on the beat, hundred k in a week
It's CMG MMG everybody else in a [?]
Boats and hoes, Cuban links in gold
The game done got cold I know real niggas who told
Since that the role that they chose (f**k em'! )
Send them hittas up to their door

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3: Betrayl]
Ace Dolla
Yeah, yo, I ain't dead but I'm the president
Money green duck for the medicine
Bogota going through the mexicans
Switch it up to the nose nose it's heroin
An epidemic, Fall River walkin dead again
The city on fire, we let it burn
Smoke got the BM-Dubb moving like a hovercraft
Off the highway we traffic hit
Maryland Monroe the front door she passing it
Cause most of the time the corners are a gold mind
Out the hood now we shooting for the coast line
Boats and hoes below deck with them breaks nigga
Cause you can keep that other shit with ya

[Outro: Betrayl]
Ace Diamond...
We Back Nigga...
f**kin With That Other Shit...
It's New B...

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