Luv 4 Me Lyrics

[Mr. Serv-On: talking]
Yo Mean Green this Serv-On, Full Blooded we gonna do this for ya baby
But um we ain't feelin' too good today, thess niggas don't unserstand
Are life, It ain't like a nigga trippin' on them out dere but dam you
Know it seems like I got more friends now then I had when I was
Strugglin' you know what I'm sayin', so won't you feel this

[Mr. Serv-On]
In tha beginning when there weas no money spendin'
It seems a lot of niggas thought I was pretendin'
But now I'm sendin' plaques to my momma wall
And it seems like alotta hoes that didn't notice a nigga
back then they startin' ta fall
An alotta niggas that wouldn't even talk to me, startin' ta call
But all in all nigga we gonna ball
But as for right now I gotta unborn child to feed
You know money brang greed
Tha same greed tha shook a niggas thru his adolesent years
You couldn't understand tha shit that use to brang me to tears
Just to know my cousin Randall dead
It makes me sometimes don't even want to get outta bed
But I know cowards hand fed, but alotta real niggas die young
That's why I pray to god don't let me have a son
Cause I don't want him to go thru tha pressures that I went thru
Not tryna be a man, but tryna wonder will I die red or blue
Cause it seems like tha world turns its back on poor mothers & bangers
Momma told my sister never to talk to strangers
Now she 8 months holdin' a life & I don't wanna take a wife
Cause I see myself murdered at night
Nigga feel that, I stay strapped

[Chorus: Serv-On]
How could you niggas say you got luv for me
You never felt what I felt would you die wit me [x4]

[Full Blooded]
Where my niggas at, like bitches, they done scattered out
Was all about when tha riches was passed out
I showed luv a nigga played me close
Played a nigga from a distance when I copped my joece
How could you nigga just pretend like dat
You'll be down wit a nigga til' tha end like dat
I cocked gauges tryna save yo ass
I bustin' glass, hittin' gas, while continuin' to blast
Now I'm holdin' up a bottle
Gettin' blunted, I'm livin' up to our motto
I'm spreadin' hollow point tips
Pullin' stunts half tha bottle,
You know tha swap were niggas let 'em rip
I'm frustrated to tha fullest, got me sweatin' bullets
I'm double clipped, ski mask, & I'm hooded
Releasin' anger in tha heat of tha night
Tha Long Ranger masked man, I copped media hype
From one house to tha next house
I showed you mothaf**kas love & you showed me doubts
So while you out dere profilin' for them bitches
f**kin' Hounds, spendin' days lyin' up in ditches
I'm lookin' thru tha scope of a car beam
Gettin' blunted blowin' smoke up my nose finna shatter your dreams nigga
Now that's luv

[Chorus x4]

[Mr. Serv-On: talking]
You niggas don't understand tha word betrayal, that's tha essence of a
Downfall to a real nigga, you niggas walk up an say you got luv 4 me
You'll give me you bitch, your life but you don't really mean dat
Me & Full Blooded than felt tha betrayal of niggas we thought had luv
That's why it's hard for a nigga to accept one of you niggas like dat
You know this goes out to all of my niggas tryna come up, thank about
What you doin' out dere, my lil' nigga Craig from 7 figures watch
Yourself baby cause when you start makin' it you'll have more friends
In tha end then you had in tha beginning, yo Full you got somethin' to
Say nigga, let these niggas know

[Full Blooded: talking]
It's like this here Serv, If you niggas ain't keepin' it real another
Dog gonna hitcha, if you ain't sharin' tha food wit tha blood line dawg
It's like this here, you ain't gonna last long, so all you fools talkin'
Bout you got luv 4 me, I don't feel it, i ain't feelin' it, I just don't
Feel it

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