Put Me On Your Guest List Lyrics

Yes, Darling. You a kill dem with your sweet talking, It don't stop.
And now you want the keys to the drop-top?
And the bank accounts... Large amounts
I'm hypnotized if you just talk nice........ . alright.

She wanna get to know all of the players inna the industry dem
The gal a walk it slow, look how they work for the VIP dem
She calling... Put Me On Your Guest List

Who's gonna wait in line when you've got the connections like this
No bother waste your time stepping out with the bands on your wrist
They bawling... Put Me On Your Guest List

I find it interesting how the girls dem not checking for the bouncers at all no more
She knows the business, he's not the one to get you inna the front door
Unless they know you... but nowadays gals are reaching higher
Show me the totem pole you can't climb up, Gal you're gonna set the world on fire

Ambition is the word, publicity chasing might be putting it lightly, should I be quietly
hoping that we could be more than ships in the night? We fought like cats and dogs
Last time in your area, I was swearing that you'd get the message, "but I get so many
I forget why they're calling me". All sins forgiven if you get what you're looking to get

CX Kidtronik: You're not on this list. You just looked at the piece of paper and picked
the name off of it. You look good though.

You gonna use what you got to get ahold of the things that you want
You want to make it or not? If you have it then you might as well flaunt
It's called... Put Me On Your Guest List

CX Kidtronik: You look good... but you're not on this list

Put Me On Your Guest List

You're not ready for this!
The dress you put it on, just to get along, yes you turn me on, I'm listening
I guess I got the wrong impression of it all, you work me with the Blind Ambition-ing
Strip club, confuse for love? We've been there before, so please stop the madness
I'm just saying, game recognize game, inna the quest to attain your status

You know I got love for all the people on the hustle and grind
I'm reaching out and touch so many places but I keep you in mind

She's Crying... Put Me On Your Guest List

This time that you want to spend it don't coincide with all of the plans
Even if it all hits the fan I hope that you understand

Put Me On Your Guest List

CX Kidtronik: You been waiting out in the cold like a half hour... 2 hrs.
You barely got anything on, girl.... It's like 30 degrees out here.... I feel for you.... STEP

Put Me On Your Guest List
CX Kidtronik: You Buggin' I like them low rise jeans you got there, Butt Krak style... Krak Attack

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